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What is the Linux command to find out which shell you are using?

echo $SHELL

In Linux, when logged in as a normal user with root privileges, which command must precede the apt-get command in order to install a program?


Which Linux command can be used to create a blank file in the current directory?


Which type of virtualization client is also called a dumb terminal because it does not have an operating system?

zero client

Which command is used to manage permissions for files and directories in Linux?


Which of the following is true about the hardware requirements of using virtualization?

many hypervisors require HAV support on the motherboard and processor

Which app provides tools for customizing the Mac interface?

System Preferences

Which app manages multiple desktop screens in OS X?

Mission Control

Which type of client-side virtualization creates a virtual environment in memory for an application to run on a client machine?

application virtualization

In OS X, which of the following appears at the bottom of the screen and contains shortcut icons to access frequently used applications?


What file format is used for OS X disk images?


When you first log into Linux, what is the current working directory?


What is a major advantage of VMs running under a Type 1 hypervisor?

VMs are isolated from each other so if one gets infected, other VMs will not be affected

In which directory are you likely to find logs created by applications running Linux?


What OS X utility allows you to install and run Windows on a Mac computer?

Boot Camp

Which of the following installs in a host operating system as an application?

Type 2 hypervisor

What is the name of the Linux boot loader used to manage a dual boot?


What is VDI?

the use of server-side virtualization to provide virtual desktops

What is the Linux vi editor command to save your changes and exit the editor?


Which OS X feature is similar to the Start screen in Windows because it shows all apps installed on the computer?


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