Your Fitness Plan- Practice

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Explain how including lifestyle activities in a personal fitness program can increase the likelihood of its success.

Including lifestyle activities in a personal fitness program can be beneficial because it increases the total amount of time spent on fitness activities in a given day without requiring much additional time. For instance, an individual might walk up a flight of steps each day instead of taking the elevator. These types of activities require less commitment than more formal fitness activities and are therefore typically more convenient.

Why is it important to ease into an exercise program?

It is important for individuals to ease into exercise programs. Attempting to do too much at once can lead to injury. Also, it can lead to discouragement as individuals are unable to meet fitness goals that are set too high. By easing into an exercise program, individuals allow themselves to adjust to the changes in lifestyle and gradually get their bodies to higher fitness levels.

What are some ways to increase the likelihood that children and adolescents participate in regular physical activity?

Possible answers include varying the types of physical activity, keeping physical fitness fun, developing an interest in life sports, and registering for fitness programs.

Which of the following is NOT a factor in maintaining a fitness program?
A. patience
B. variety
C. flexibility
D. appearance


Individuals need to adjust their physical activity to account for __________ as they age.
A. reduced flexibility
B. decreased energy levels
C. a loss of balance
D. all of the above


Which of the following statements about developing a personal fitness program is NOT true?
A. When developing a personal fitness program, it is important to implement strategies that will help maintain the program as well as give it a successful start.
B. Personal factors such as age, health concerns, and likes are important to consider when developing a personal fitness program.
C. The starting skill level of the physical activities included in a personal fitness program should be determined from other individuals’ fitness programs.
D. The FITT principle should be used when developing a personal fitness program.


Explain how the FITT principle applies to the development of a successful personal fitness program.

The FITT principle helps determine the frequency, intensity, time, and type of each fitness activity. Different fitness activities require different frequencies, intensities, and time. The most effective fitness programs are those that incorporate fitness activities that improve the various levels of health-related fitness and take an individual’s personal status into account. The FITT principle helps an individual choose the appropriate level, duration, and frequency of different fitness activities.

What is the purpose of a fitness log?
A. to apply the FITT principle
B. to limit the amount of time spent on varying activities
C. to track and monitor progress
D. to increase personal interest in activities


An exercise program is MOST beneficial to one’s health when done in conjunction with __________.
A. a partner
B. patience
C. lifestyle changes
D. a positive attitude


Explain why there is a growing concern over the physical fitness of children and adolescents.

The incidence of obesity in children and adolescents has increased over the years as more children lead sedentary lifestyles coupled with poor nutritional intake. More children spend time watching television or playing video games than before, which is taking the place of physical activity. Children should get at least one hour of physical activity each day, and many children are not getting that amount. This can lead to both present and future health concerns.

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