Web Design Ch. 9

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Select the statement below that is true about forms

A form can be used to pass information to a program or script on the web server

Select the HTML tag below that configures a button that, when clicked, will automatically reset form fields to their default values

both A and B

Use the _____ attribute on the <form> tag to specify the name and location of the script that will process the form control values


Select the form control below that does not use the <input> tag.

select list

Select the HTML tag below that configures a textbox with the name "email" and a width of 40 characters.

<input type="text" name="email" size="40" >

Select the form control below that would be appropriate to accept comments about your web site.

Scrolling text box

You would like to conduct a survey and ask your web page visitors to indicate the computer operating systems that they use. Each visitor could use more than one computer operating system. Select the form control that is best to use for this purpose.

check box

An order form contains an area for web visitors to select their state or province. You need to limit the amount of space on the form that is used for this feature. Select the form control that is best to use for this purpose.

select list

Choose the HTML tag below that would configure a scrolling text box with the name "feedback", 3 rows, and 60 characters.

<textarea name="feedback" rows="3" cols="60"></textarea>

. Select the HTML below that would associate a label displaying the text "Phone" with the text box named customerPhone

both B and C

Select the attribute used to limit the number of characters that a text box will accept.


. Select the tag used to visually group a number of form controls


Select the attribute used to limit the width of a text box as displayed in a browser


Select the type of form control that "disguises" the characters that are typed


Select the form control from the choices below that may be used to submit a form

<input type="submit" >

_________________ is a standard method or protocol for web pages to request special processing on the web server, such as database queries, sending e-mails, or handling form data.

Common Gateway Interface

What attributes are valid for the &lt;select&gt; tag?

name, id, multiple, selected

When configuring a group of radio button form controls, the value of the ______ attribute on each radio button must be the same


Select the true statement from the choices below

None of the above statements are true.

The purpose of the __________ is to configure a label for a &lt;fieldset&gt;.


Select the value of the type attribute that configures an HTML5 spinner control


Select the value of the type attribute that configures an HTML5 slider control

. range

Select the true statement from those listed below

The input element with type="email" will cause browsers that do not support the attribute to display a text box.

The HTML5 _____________ form control provides the user with a selection of choices along with an option to enter information


Choose the item below that is not a valid value for the input element’s type attribute


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