Web Design Ch. 8

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Use the _____ tag pair to begin and end a table row.

<tr> </tr>

Use the ______ attribute to configure the width of a table border.


A table with a width set to 600 pixels will look _______ on a monitor with resolution set to 640 x 480 than on a monitor with resolution set to 1024 x 768


The table element’s __________ attribute is valid when using HTML5 syntax.


Select the item below that lists elements used in an HTML table

table, tr, td

Use _______ element to indicate table column headings or table row headings


Use the ______ attribute on a &lt;td&gt; element to associate it with a table heading cell


To configure the table cells to share a common border and eliminate the default space between table cells configure ___________.

border-spacing: 0;

The purpose of the _______ element is to describe the contents of a table


Use the CSS ______ property to configure the cellpadding of a table


An HTML table is comprised of ____ and ______.

rows and columns

. Use the ________ tag pair to configure a table head row group

<thead> .. </thead>

. Use the ________ tag pair to configure a table footer row group.

<tfoot> .. </tfoot>

Use the headers attribute on the ___ tag to correspond to the id attribute on a &lt;th&gt; tag.


Is the following code valid in HTML5?

&lt;table border="1" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5"&gt;

a. No, the cellspacing and cellpadding attributes are obsolete

Choose the best answer below to the following question: Is the following CSS code valid?
table { border: 2px #000000 solid;
border-spacing: 0;


17. Which of the following CSS3 pseudo-elements could be used to apply styles to the last row of a table?

a. :last-of-type

Which of the following CSS3 pseudo-elements will be useful when configuring every other row of a table?


Which of the following CSS properties positions the caption of a table?


. Which of the following CSS3 properties configure the alignment of text within a table?


The CSS border-spacing property can be used to configure the horizontal and vertical spacing of table borders


The CSS vertical-align property can be used to configure the vertical alignment of the contents of a table cell.


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