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My machine has many inefficiencies

The puppy flew on an airplane

I am from Mississippi

Hippopotamus Poop

The mailman is a bad ballplayer

I need a window washing beaver

Mommy and baby blue

Pasty people barren boobs

My brother’s phone vibrated

I want a puffy power ranger

My mom made blueberry pie

Malaysian Farts Violently

My lunchbox is filled with melons

A very smelly vaccuum

The horse bucked your mom

Whimpering would be better

Wiggle Worms Wiggle

I’m gonna bump you

Bubba’s barbecue makes moldy muffins

Puffins have white faces

Bland tomato bisque

Never let neighbors eat hot weiners

Butter my bread with bacon

Penelopes as sweet as punch

Quirky Pete wants petunia pizza

Purple is my favorite smell

Fossilized dino bones roam free

I blamed my fart on the parrot

High velocity super penguins

Witty worms write rhymes

Quirky beet farmer

Who put a pickle in my pie?

Pearly baby boys

Bonnet blessed with barnicles

Vile venom is much to vicious

Free Burrito Wednesdays

Bright as a button

Plush porpoise factory

I fell and broke my pelvis

My best friend’s mom is bankrupt

The bellboy is very fat

I vividly remember the party

The volcano won’t erupt

Was it a voyage or expedition?

Peter Piper is fake

The voucher was for 51 dollars

The paragraph was frightening

The victim was bold

It’s almost 10 P.M.

I will paint a pretty picture

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