US History Chapter 19 -World War I and Beyond-

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Women’s efforts and sacrifices during World War I led to U.S. government support for which reform?

Universal suffrage

What did President Wilson mean by the phrase "peace without victory"?

Terms of peace should not punish the defeated nations

The League of Nations can best be described as a

mutual defense agreement.

About how many American troops served in combat during World War I?


When World War I began, President Wilson wanted the United States to remain neutral because of the nation’s

ethnic diversity.

Which group believed the language of Article 10 of the Treaty of Versailles contradicted the power of Congress to declare war?


What hastened the entry of the United States into World War I?

Germans breaking of the Sussex Pledge/The Zimmermann Note

What international event led to the Red Scare?

A revolution in Russia

One reason for the German surrender in 1918 was that

many German soldiers were no longer willing to fight.

Why did Congress pass the National Defense Act and the Naval Construction Act in 1916?

To expand the size of the army and navel construction; got US prepared for war

Who was responsible for the agricultural policies of the United States during World War I?

Herbert Hoover

In 1920, American voters elected a President who promised

a return to simpler times.

Which nation was the world’s economic leader after World War I?

The United States

Which of these reasons for more women joined the National American Woman Suffrage Association is reflected in the quotation?

It began to support the war objectives of the United States

What major event shocked the American people and led Wilson to no longer call for peace?

The Zimmerman Note was exposed

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were

charged with, and convicted of robbery and murder.

Which organization specifically promoted support for the war among the American people?

The Committee on Public Information

What was the effect of the Sedition Act of 1918?

Limited freedom of speech

The build-up of the U.S. military in 1916 was an example of


The Triple Alliance nations were

Italy, Germany, and Austria- Hungary

What was one cause of labor strikes in 1919?

Rising prices

How did World War I change the lives of American women?

The war broadened job opportunities for women

Social Darwinists believed that

power nations were meant to dominate over weaker societies.

How did World War I contribute to the African American Great Migration?

Jobs were available in Northern factories so African Americans in the South moved North to gain employment

The postwar period was difficult for farmers because of

falling food prices.

What was the result of the U.S. Senate’s refusal to approve the Treaty of Versailles?

The League of Nations was ineffective

Which event was most influential in turning American public opinion against Germany?

The invasion of Belgium

Convoys were used to

prevent submarine attacks on ships.

World War I brought increased immigration to the United States from

What did Stanton’s writings suggest about the status of women during World War I?

Women’s roles increased in industry

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