US History Chapter 20 -The Twenties-

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Under President Coolidge, the national economy


What was the significance of Harlem?

Harlem was a central place for african americans to voice concerns about racial problems.

What was the largest cultural split in 1920s America?

Between urban Americans and rural Americans

How did the consumer economy of the 1920s affect the lives of women?

It made life easier for urban women

What was the Teapot Dome Scandal?

Involved transferring oil reserves from the Navy Department to the Interior Department and then forgot about the Navy’s needs.

Why is Louis Armstrong considered a jazz legend?

For his ability to play the trumpet and subtle sence of improvisation

The "New Woman" of the 1920s

rejected Victorian morality.

The American movie industry was controlled by a handful of huge studios in

Hollywood, California.

Why did so many African Americans migrate north throughout the 1920s?

For a chance at a better future

The demand for automobiles in the 1920s

stimulated growth in many other industries.

President Coolidge believed that the creation of wealth

benefited the nation as a whole.

In 1933, Congress repealed Prohibition with the

Twenty-first Amendment.

The sense of group identity created by the Harlem Renaissance

formed a basis for later progress for blacks in America.

Presidents Harding and Coolidge favored policies that

aided the growth of business.

The literature of the Harlem Renaissance

explored the pains and joys of being black in America.

In 1920, America’s first radio station

was an immediate success.

Buying stock on margin remained profitable as long as

stock prices rose.

Where had most African Americans in 1920s Harlem come from?

They had moved there from the South and the Caribbean

In the 1920s, how did most national leaders hope to go about avoiding war?

By avoiding close interaction with other nations

Which of the following statements about women in the 1920s is true?

Not all women wanted to be flappers, but many wanted to challenge politica, economic, social, and educational boundaries

Jazz was

An American hybrid of African American and European music forms.

At its heart, the Scopes Trial was a clash between

religion and science.

What was the condition of America’s economy following World War I?

There was brief recession, followed by economic growth

Which of these was a major difference between urban and rural lifestyles in the 1920s?

Urban Americans had more free time

Abstract art was an expression of


The Teapot Dome oil scandal involved which two officials?

Edwin Denby and Albert Fall

Under President Coolidge, the concerns of Mexican Americans and African Americans were

largely ignored.

As the 1920s progressed, farm incomes


Why did Marcus Garvey’s movement fall apart?

There was no effective leadership after Garvey was deported to Jamaica

Which best describes the changing attitudes of people living in developing suburbs?

They became more consercative and more politically active

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