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What is the relationship between the kasbah and the medina in a city like Rabat?

The kasbah is located inside the medina.

The "quarters" that developed within the old walled cities of the Middle East:

mimicked the security and social cohesiveness of the village

Istanbul, Tehran, and Cairo are:

the anchors of the Middle East’s urban triangle

Unskilled immigrants take low-wage jobs in cities such as Dubai and Doha. These workers are most likely to come from:

India and Sri lanka

Ur and Uruk were:

Among the first true cities in world history

If you were running a transect of a Middle Eastern city from the old city center to the urban expansion zone, one of your conclusions might be that:

the well-to-do are abandoning the old city

Hajj-related tourism brings over 2 million visitors annually to what city?


Which one of these statements about Middle Eastern cities is incorrect?

Petrodollars give Middle Eastern cities a developmental edge over cities in other parts of the world.

Damascus and Aleppo. Sana’a and Aden. Tripoli and Benghazi. These city pairs illustrate:

rival urban cores within a single country

Wooden lattice over windows and staggered doors on opposite sides of the street illustrate the high value which the Islamic religion places on:


Several megalopolises are developing in the Middle East. Which one of them spans two continents?

The marmara megalopolis

The cultural landscape within the walls of old Jerusalem includes sites that are sacred to:

Jews, Muslims, and Christians

Mecca’s core is dominated not by a Central Business District, but by a:

"Central Religious District" anchored by the Great Mosque


was converted from a Christian city to a Muslim city under the Ottomans

In the cities of what country on the following list would you find most signs in the Arabic language?


The focus of a traditional home in cities of southwest Asia was the:


A tell (or tel) is:

A hill which gained height as one ancient city was built on top of the remains of another

What is the general relationship between urbanization and civilization?

They evolved hand in hand.

Facets of the housing problem in middle Eastern cities include

an ongoing reduction in public housing availability,
finding affordable housing for the middle class,
the emergence of geçekondu and bidon à pétrole
All of the above

All of the above ( an ongoing reduction in public housing availability, finding affordable housing for the middle class, the emergence of geçekondu and bidon à pétrole)

The concept of dualism applied to urban tourism in the Middle East suggests that:

tourists experience one part of the city, while residents experience a different part

Which one of these cities is not located in the Fertile Crescent?


Cairo has:

expanded to engulf the famous pyramid complex on the Giza plateau

Which one of the following elements of the built environment of Middle Eastern cities does not promote cooling and temperature control?

Expansive urban squares maximize air circulation.

The Persian/Arabian Gulf’s leading city in terms of business, entertainment, and consumer services is:


Washington, D.C., is to New York City, as Rabat is to:


In which one of the following empires might the cities be described as "Islamic cities"?

Ottoman Empire (Byzantine Empire Roman Empire)

Which one of the following countries does not have an urban tradition that dates back several millennia?

United Arab Emirates

Which city’s new cathedral opened in 2001 to commemorate the nation’s 1700 years of Christianity?

Yerevan, Armenia

How many of the following cities are on the continent of Africa?
Jerusalem / Cairo / Tehran / Istanbul / Alexandria


Which of these features are least likely to be found in the medina of a Middle Eastern city?

Parking lots

What city served as an imperial capital for an almost record-setting 1600 years under Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans?


The growth of the global Internet is:

being driven by the popularity of mobile Internet connections

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