Turning Points

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How might a victory at Gettysburg have benefited the Confederacy?

It might have convinced European nations to align with the South.* It might have helped the South gain control of the Mississippi River. It might have made the West more accessible to the Confederacy. It might have helped the South maintain vital ports and shipping routes.

After the first day of fighting at Gettysburg, the arrival of reinforcements allowed

the Union to avoid more casualties*. the Union to hold the line and win. the Confederacy to break the lines. the Confederacy time to regroup.

In 1862 and early 1863, both the Union Navy and Army

tried and failed to capture Vicksburg.* tried and failed to capture New Orleans. were victorious at the Battle of Vicksburg. were victorious at the Battle of New Orleans.

Why was the Union determined to capture Vicksburg during the Civil War?

to end the war immediately to gain access to the West to support General Sherman to divide the Confederacy*

Which statement best describes a result of the Battle of Gettysburg?

Europe withdrew its financial support for the Confederate government. Europe would not recognize the Confederacy as an independent nation.* The Confederacy began to believe that it might win the Civil War. The Confederacy dealt a powerful blow to the Union military.

Why did the Union struggle to take Vicksburg from the Confederacy?

The fort was located on top of a hill and surrounded by swamps.* The fort was far from water, which made it difficult to reach. The fort was only approachable from one direction by land. The fort could only be attacked from the Mississippi River.

Before Gettysburg, most major Civil War battles in the East

were won by the Union military. involved General Robert E. Lee. were fought on Confederate soil.* involved General Ulysses S. Grant.

During the siege of Vicksburg, the Union army

ran out of ammunition to fight. suffered from hunger and thirst. lost more troops than the Confederacy. prevented supplies from entering or leaving.*

Why was the Battle of Gettysburg a turning point in the Civil War?

The battle resulted in the final victory for the Union. The battle convinced Europe to become a Union ally. The battle weakened Lee and stopped his invasion.* The battle was the first major loss by the Confederacy.

The Union’s capture of New Orleans severely hurt the Confederacy by

hindering shipping and transportation.* ending hopes of a European alliance. weakening General Lee’s troops. destroying the Confederate Army.

During the Civil War, Grant’s capture of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson contributed to Union control of

Kentucky and Tennessee.* Kentucky and Missouri. the Ohio River. the Mississippi River.

Why the Union was successful in the West during the Civil War?

The Union had effective leadership in the West.* The Union took a defensive stance in the West. The Union had more troops than the Confederacy in the West. The Union was fighting in very familiar territory in the West.

At the start of the Battle of Gettysburg, the Union Army

drove the Confederates out of Pennsylvania. was forced into a defensive position.* broke through the Confederate army’s line. fought the Confederate Army to a stand-off.

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