Turning Points in Europe

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During World War II in Europe, American troops played a significant role in which of the following?

The D-Day invasions.

Germany lost an important World War II ally when

Italy surrendered to US and British forces.

As British and American forces moved through Italy in 1943, General Eisenhower

Was in England, planning and preparing the Normandy invasion.

Which of the following events was also known as D-Day?

The Normandy invasion.

Which of the following occurred after, Allied forces invaded the Italian mainland in1943?

Italian forces quickly surrender.

Who won the battle for Stalingrad during World War II?

The Soviet Union.

Which of the following events occurred on the Italian mainland as Allied forces moved across the island of Sicily during summer of 1943?

Mussolini was removed from power.

A conclusion that can be drawn about the Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944 is that

It was a short but difficult series of battle.

During the final year of World War II, how did the Allies gain control of the Atlantic Ocean?

The used better antisubmarine technology.

During the D-Day landings, which invading forces met the greatest resistance?

The Americans at Omaha.

After defeating German forces in North Africa, Allied leaders turned their attention to which of the following countries?


The last major German offensive in December of 1944 led to a costly Allied victory known as the

Battle of the Bulge.

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