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The mean is the measure of central tendency most likely to be affected by an outlier.


Some quantitative data sets do not have medians.

false- ALL quantitative data…

A data set can have the same mean, median, and mode.


When each data class has the same frequency, the distribution is symmetric.

false- …the distribution is UNIFORM.

The mean and median of a data set are both fractiles.

false- the mean may not always be

About one quarter of a data set falls below Q1.


The second quartile is the median of an ordered data set.


The 50th percentile is equivalent to Q1.

false- Q2

The unit of measure for the standard score is always standard deviation.


For a symmetric distribution, the standard deviation and mean are equal.

false- MEDIAN and mean are equal.

In a box and whisker display, the length of the box is the same as the range.

false- …same as the interquartile range. (IQR)

The measures of position are range, variance, standard deviation and standard score.

false- the measures of position are the 5 number summary and standard score.

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