Truman’s Fair Deal

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Which of the following did the National Security Act establish to carry out covert missions in other countries?

the Central Intelligence Agency

President Truman decided not to run for reelection in


What was one of the major economic challenges facing the nation following World War II?

finding jobs for thousands of returning soldiers

Which of the following caused a wave of strikes in many key industries in 1945?

President Truman’s lifting of restrictions on labor unions

When President Truman took a hard line against striking workers in the years immediately following World War II, he showed that he

would support the good of the American people over special-interest groups.

Who did President Truman defeat in 1948 in his bid for reelection?

Thomas Dewey

Truman created the National Security Act to

fight the Cold War.

The main reason for the passage of the National Security Act was to

enable the nation to meet the challenges of the Cold War.

The wave of strikes that hit many key industries in 1945 led to

a shortage of consumer goods.

Truman’s Executive Order 9981 affected the military by

ending segregation.

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