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Aesthetic Distance

A psychological perspective or attitude which should exist on the part of anyone contemplating a work of art is called ______________.


In ancient Greece, ______________ was the name used to refer to "the seeing place."


A performs B for C. What is "C"?


Director Peter Brook states in his book The Empty Space that all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged is a man to walk across an empty space while someone else watches. True or False?


Who did the textbook refer to as "our first drama critic"?

presentation of character

A "pretense of self" is defined in your textbook as:


In musical theatre, a performer interrupts a scene to break into song. This is an example of a theatrical___________.

Everything inside the frame is open for interpretation.

In what way does the textbook say a stage is no different from a painting?


What does Ken Davenport say is a good quality for a producer to have?

Because the word "prank" implies that an activity may be mean-spirited.

Why does the group ‘Improv Everywhere’ refer to their activities as "missions" rather than pranks?


According to the textbook, theatre is a literary form. True or Flase?

To pursue the vision of the playwright

What does the textbook say is usually the goal of a production of a play?

point of attack

According to the textbook, the place in this universe where the playwright picks up the story is called the ____________.

Reserved seats where audience members use Twitter to comment on a performance as it is happening

What are "tweet seats"?

Oedipus the King

What play does the textbook say is considered by many to be a masterpiece of plot construction?


According to Dr. Mitchell in the lecture, what do all plays talk about in some way?


We can trace the origins of theatrical practice in the Western world to the performance of dithyrambs in ancient Athens. What Greek deity were the citizens celebrating with these performances?


What does Samuel Taylor Coleridge ask us to willingly suspend?

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