THE2000 Latino Theatre Quiz

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What happened in Cuba in the 1950s that caused half-a-million people to leave the country over the next thirty years?

the island was turned into a socialist state

Still in existence today, El Teatro Campesino continues to focus exclusively on the labor struggles of the American farm worker.


At the end of the acto Las Dos Caras del Patroncito, what item does the Farmworker keep?


Early Cuban-American theatre concerned itself with political causes such as independence from Spain and anti-slavery.


In Las Dos Caras del Patroncito, where is the Farmworker from?


Where does founder Luis Valdez say El Theatro Campesino was born?

on the picket line

Who created the United Farm Workers labor union?

César Chávez

Agitprop is ___ theatre.


Which media outlet was NOT portrayed in the video clip of Guerilla Radio?

National Public Radio

Zoot Suit, written by Luiz Valdez, was the first play by a Latino to be presented on Broadway.


(Chad Deity) Mace tells the audience that being skilled in the ring for THE Wrestling is a disadvantage because ____________.

the skilled wrestlers have to make the bad wrestlers look good

(Chad Deity) What does VP say he needs more than an audience?

A partner.

(Chad Deity) Che Chavez Castro is __________.

a character played by Mace

(Chad Deity) Powerbomb and Sleeper Cell are examples of ____________.

wrestling moves

(Chad Deity) How many crispers does Chad Deity say he has in his refrigerator?


(Chad Deity) What type of bread does Chad Deity say the government regulates?

Raisin Bread

(Chad Deity) Who is The Fundamentalist’s first opponent in the ring?

Billy Heartland

(Chad Deity) Who wins the wrestling match at the end of the play?

Chad Deity

(Chad Deity) What is Chad Deity’s real name?


(Chad Deity) VP is thrilled at the prospect of becoming champion.


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