The Vietnam War

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The 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

d. provided the president to deal with threats in Southeast Asia as he saw fit.

Which of the following best describes the "domino theory," which was used as a justification for US involvement in Vietnam?

d. If a country falls to Communism, then its neighbors are also likely to do so.

Which of the following best describes the Americans who served as infantry soldiers in Vietnam?

a. Most were young, working-class draftees.

When fighting in Vietnam, American soldiers

b. destroyed huge jungle areas so the Vietnam Cong could not hide there.

Which of the following was a tactic used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War?

b. disguising troops as civilians.

Which of the following is one of the terms often applied the members of the counterculture?

c. hippies

Which nations provided military aid to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

d. China and the Soviet Union

Which of the following was a tactic used by the US during the Vietnam War?

a. spreading Agent Orange

During the Vietnam War, US troops had the advantage of

d. superior firepower.

How did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution lead to the escalation of US troops involvement in the Vietnam War?

a. It gave the president the ability to send troops without specific approval of Congress.

Which of the following describes the importance of the University of Michigan to the 1960s antiwar movement?

c. It was where the Student for a Democratic Society was established.

Americans who opposed the Vietnam War were called

a. doves

In 1965, the United States

c. began escalating its commitment of troops to the war in Vietnam.

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