The War in Europe

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What did you learn from the pictures about the hardships and challenges faced by American soldiers in Italy during World War II?

Select all that apply.

mountainous terrain terrain that provided concealment for enemy soldiers soldiers fought in segregated units

Based on the pictures you just examined, which of the following is true about the campaign to liberate France?

American troops helped liberate Paris before the end of August 1944.

What do these images show about American productivity during World War II?

Select all that apply.

American factories produced aircraft for the war effort. American troops at the front relied on trucks to keep them supplied.

What do the pictures reveal about the US campaign in Germany in 1945?

American troops had to advance through areas devastated by war.

What was the outcome of the Battle of El Alamein?

British forces defeated the Afrika Korps.

When it first entered World War II, why did the United States commit most of its resources to the war in Europe?

Roosevelt felt that Germany was more of a threat than Japan.

During World War II, the battle that turned the tide of war against Germany on the eastern front was the

Battle of Stalingrad.

During World War II, the United States was a member of the


During World War II, Germany was a member of the


Which of the following occurred after Allied forces invaded the Italian mainland in September 1943?

Italian forces quickly surrendered.

At their meeting in January of 1942, what argument persuaded President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill to pursue a "Europe-first" strategy?

It was felt that Germany posed a greater threat than Japan.

In 1941, who commanded US troops in Europe?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

During World War II, which of the following pairs were Axis nations?

Germany and Italy

Which of the following was an important challenge of fighting a two-front war for the Allies?

supplying the troops across a huge part of the globe

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