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Which of the following is an example of an analytical​ report?

Feasibility report

Which question from this list would you typically NOT ask when analyzing your report​ audience?

When does my audience need this ​ report?

Which report medium would you choose to communicate a report that is informal but contains sensitive information for employee eyes​ only?


What is the main difference between an abstract and an executive​ summary?

An abstract is used for informational reports and an executive summary is used for analytical reports.

Which is NOT something​ you’d do during the composing stage of the report writing​ process?

Check for mechanical errors

Which guidelines should you use to prepare a document for readers who are NOT native English​ speakers?

Use consistent terminology

Which three combined elements make up the identifying information commonly found on a​ report’s title page or​ cover?

Author, date, report title

What is a progress report designed to​ do?

Give your supervisor an update on the status of a longer project

Which is NOT a typical category used in meeting​ minutes?


When writing a trip​ report, it is best to organize it by​ _____

describing the results of the trip

Which is NOT a criterion that decision makers can use to judge the validity of a feasibility​ report’s proposal?

Report page length

Which document design feature below would NOT help your audience preview report​ contents?

A conclusion

Which of the following is something word processing software CANNOT achieve for​ you?

Sentence clarity

What type of report is intended to educate its audience on a topic central to the​ company’s business?

A white paper

In report​ writing, what do you call a​ stand-alone graphic that combines multiple representations of data to provide a complete​ picture?

An infographic

What is the most common format for online distribution of​ reports?


According to Eric​ Paley, the founder of a venture capital​ company, what type of report provides the most concise way to express an idea for discussion and decision​ making?

A report deck

Which is NOT a feature of a report​ deck?

Heavy visuals with minimal text

Which feature below is NOT something all slide decks​ include?

An executive summary

Which is NOT an example of a data​ graphic?


Which graph is the best to use if you want to show changes over time to emphasize a​ trend?

Line chart

How do you remove clutter from a​ table?

Eliminate unnecessary grid-lines

What is the best way to integrate data displays into your​ report?

Use text to explain what the audience is seeing

Which is an​ ethical, non-misleading way to display data in a​ graph?

Accurately display collected data

Which of the following does NOT need documentation in your​ report?

A table populated by data from a survey conducted by your company

Begin analyzing your​ presentation’s purpose with​ _____ in mind.

a specific outcome

Analyzing key decision makers in your audience is critical. Which question below is NOT designed to yield helpful information about this​ audience?

How much time do you have to persuade key decision​ makers?

If you need to communicate complex material that must be examined carefully during your​ presentation, you should use​ -.

a slide deck

If you need to provide a product demonstration during your​ presentation, you should use​ ____.

a prop

In most business​ presentations, the main message should do all of these things EXCEPT​ ___.

give the audience reasons for the request

Design your slides so that​ you’ll be able to​ _____ if you are presenting virtually via computer.

direct the audience to slide content by pointing with your voice

Which of the following is NOT a main goal of your​ presentation’s opening?

Describe audience benefits

Which technique could you use to capture your​ audience’s attention in the opening of a​ presentation?

Recite a quote from an authority on your subject

How can you organize the middle of the presentation so it will be easy to​ understand?

Emphasize points that are meaningful to the​ audience, limit the number of key​ points, and organize using recognizable patterns

What common mistake do presenters often make in organizing presentation​ content?

They let the information dictate the organization

It is now generally accepted that listeners can retain​ _____ separate pieces of information in their​ short-term memory before losing the important parts.

four or five

How does a storyboard help you create an effective​ presentation?

It allows you to visualize presentation flow

Which of the following does NOT belong in your​ presentation’s closing?

Illustrations of your expertise

Which is the best revision of the following sentence for use as a bullet point on a​ slide?
​"Thanks in part to our sales​ team’s redoubled​ efforts, this​ quarter’s profits have increased​ 51% from this same time last​ year."

Quarterly profits up​ 51%

If your audience will need to take notes during your slide​ presentation, what kind of format should you choose for a​ handout?

Three miniature slides per page with lines to the right of each

How should you dress for a formal​ presentation?

​​Business-formal clothing

Which of the following suggestions will NOT help you warm up effectively for your​ presentation?

Focus on the risks associated with your proposed idea

What kind of stance is suggested to help you feel comfortable and control your body during the​ presentation?

Hands loose at your​ side, knees and elbows​ relaxed, weight balanced on both​ feet, shoulder-width apart

During a​ presentation, when you speak to people in the front of the​ room, _____.

maintain the same volume level so that everyone else can hear you

Reading from notes or a script you hold during a​ presentation

makes you look like a novice

When is it acceptable for your presentation to include a photo found on the​ Internet?

Only when you cite the source on the slide

Which is NOT a benefit offered by having a​ question-and-answer (Q&A) session during a​ presentation?

Getting a promotion

All the questions below require a skillful answer to avoid the impression that you are being defensive or dismissive EXCEPT one. Which is​ it?

A question that asks you for an example

What should you do if you are asked a question during or after a presentation that you cannot​ answer?

Admit you​ don’t know the answer

Which of the following are NOT typically presented as a​ podcast?

A white paper

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