test 3 chap 7

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depositional environment?

an area where sediment was deposited under certain conditions in Earth’s past

What is a delta?

A delta is a triangular landform created where a stream enters a body of water and deposits sediment.

Other than sand dunes in a desert environment, where else would you expect to find well-rounded and sorted sand deposits?


Describe the distribution of sedimentary deposits you would expect to find on a delta.

Sand in channels, mud on floodpain

The formation of sedimentary rock requires _____.

weathering and erosion of pre-existing rocks

Which is an example of a sedimentary rock composed of solid masses of intergrown crystals?

rock salt

You find a sedimentary rock that has all its flat particles aligned in parallel. From this you can infer that _____.

the particles have been compacted

Sedimentary rocks that exhibit the intergrowth of crystal masses are generally formed from the products of _____.

chemical weathering

Which two minerals are most common in detrital sedimentary rocks?

clay minerals and quartz

What is the most abundant chemical sedimentary rock in Earth’s crust?


Working in the field, you find a rock that contains rounded fragments that are greater than 2 mm in diameter. What would you call this rock?


The geologic laboratory where you work received a sample for analysis that is composed of calcite that includes many microscopic fossils of marine organisms and reacts with acid. What name would identify this rock?


Which structure is common in sedimentary rock?

fossils, mudcracks, ripple marks, cross bedding

What property of detrital sedimentary rocks can be indicative of the energy of sediment transport?


For a detrital sedimentary rock that contains mudcracks, you could be confident that the environment in which it formed was _____.

alternately wet and dry

In your field area you find a quartz sandstone unit with cross-bedding in it that is on the order of 2 m high. In what environment would you deduce this rock formed?

sand dunes

In another field area you find a detrital sedimentary rock that contains particles larger than 264 mm that are rounded and surrounded by finer-grained particles. In what environment might you think these sediments were deposited?

glacial morain

If all the particles in a detrital sedimentary rock are nearly the same size, it is __________.


A smooth grain shaped like a cigar is __________ and shows __________.

well-rounded; low sphericitity

wind-blown sand deposits would most likely be __________ and _________

very well sorted; well rounded

which of the following correlate to transport distance?

grain size and rounding

A conglomerate is poorly sorted with well-rounded grains. This rock was likely formed in what depositional environment?

mountain stream

Name the progression of coal types with increased heat and pressure from burial.

peat, lignite, bituminous, ahthracite

Abundant plant material accumulating in a swampy environment with __________ is required for peat to form.

low oxygen level

What coal is soft, black in color, and produces soot upon handling?


How is anthracite produced from bituminous coal?


In the United States, the most common type of coal is __________ and the largest producing state is __________.

sub-bituminous; wyoming

During the process that forms sedimentary rocks, how does compaction affect sediment?

it decreases the volume of pore spaces

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