Substance Abuse Chapter 6 Study Questions

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The use of cocaine by members of the general public in Europe was initially in the form of…

drinks, such as coca wine.

Dr. W.S. Halsted, the "father of American surgery", experimented with cocaine’s ability to produce…

local anesthesia.

Which famous physician studied cocaine as a treatment for morphine dependence and depression?

Sigmund Freud

The 1914 New York Times article, "Negro Cocaine Fiends’ are a New Southern Menace,"…

said that cocaine increased homicidal tendencies and improved marksmanship.

What did the 1914 Harrison Act do?

taxed importation and sale of coca, cocaine and opium

Most illicit cocaine in the US is powder cocaine (cocaine hydrochloride), which is…

too stable to be smoked.

The passage of the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act…

came after over a thousand stories about cocaine had appeared in the national media.

Although National Survey on Drug Use and Health data indicates greater prevalence of illicit drug use among white Americans, black Americans represented more than 80 percent of those arrested for…

violation of federal crack cocaine laws.

In the text, the highly publicized drug arrests in Tulia, TX were used to illustrate that…

US drug policies may target people of color disproportionately.

Cocaine’s effects in the brain result from blocking…

A. serotnin reuptake.
B. dopamine reuptake
C. norepinephrine reuptake
D. all of the above

D. all of the above

The most common way cocaine is used recreationally is by…

insufflation (snorting).

What is cocaine still used for medically?

It is used as a local anesthetic for nasal, laryngeal and esophageal surgeries.


is formed in the body when cocaine and alcohol are used together.

When laboratory animals are given unlimited opportunities to self-administer cocaine injection…

they will readily self-administer it.

Cocaine use during pregnancy now appears to be associated with…

no consistent negative associations with physical growth, test scores or language in children.

Illicit cocaine comes to the US primarily from…

South America.

Amphetamine was developed initially as a substitute for a closely related chemical derived from the Chinese herb ma huang. That chemical is…


Which of these was NOT one of the early medical uses for amphetamine first studied in the 1930’s?

treating anxiety.

During World War II, amphetamines…

were used to decrease fatigue by several nations’ militaries.

Illicit intravenous amphetamines first became a big public concern in…

the 1960s.

Crystal meth refers to…

methamphetamine crystals, which may be smoked.

Studies of the mechanism of action of the amphetamines have focused mainly on…

release of norepinephrine and dopamine.

Which of the following is true about the current use of amphetamines to treat depression?

Amphetamines are used as mostly as an adjunctive therapy.

The effect of amphetamines on weight control:

is real, but small and limited in duration.

Inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity are characteristics of…


One "non-stimulant" medication that has been approved for ADHD does not appear to have abuse potential. Atomoxetine is sold under the brand name…


One of the most disturbing side effects of treating ADHD with amphetamines or methylphenidate (Ritalin) is…

decreased height and weight gains in children.

The ability of stimulants to improve mental performance…

depends on the complexity of the task and the dose.

Paranoid psychosis can be produced by:

high doses of amphetamines.

T or F: Sigmund Freud was always opposed to the use of cocaine for treating psychiatric conditions.


T or F: Some of the emotional justification for the 1914 Harrison Act can be found in a New York Times article from that year, called "Negro Cocaine Fiends are a New Southern Menace".


T or F: Crack cocaine is a very stable form of the drug known as cocaine hydrochloride.


T or F: Studies show that blacks are just as likely as whites to be arrested for violating crack cocaine laws.


T or F: Use of cocaine during pregnancy has been clearly linked to many kinds of birth defects and mental retardation.


T or F: The earliest medical use for amphetamine was as a substitute for ephedrine in treating asthma.


T or F: Scientific data indicate that chronic methamphetamine us causes extreme tooth decay.


T or F: One major similarity of freebase and crack cocaine is that they can both be smoked.


T or F: The structure of the cocaine molecule closely resembles the dopamine molecule.


T or F: The most common drug used in treating ADHD is still Modafinil.


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