Renewable Energy Resources

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Which type of renewable or inexhaustible resource do you think would work well in your area? Justify your answer.

I live in Arizona where it is almost always sunny. Solar energy would be a good alternate energy source because there would be very few days on which the solar panels could not store energy from the sun.

Describe how hydroelectric energy works.

A dam is built to retain water, and a lake forms behind the dam. As water is released, its force turns turbines, which turn generators that make electricity.

List some inexhaustible energy resources

Sun, wind, water, geothermal energy, biomass energy

How is biomass energy generated?

Biomass energy is generated by the burning of organic materials.

List two potential problems with burning garbage.

air pollution and toxic ash residue

Compare and contrast inexhaustible and renewable resources.

Inexhaustible resources are sources of energy that will never run out. In contrast, renewable resources could potentially run out. They are finite energy resources that can be replaced in a relatively short period of time.

Give an explanation as to why renewable and inexhaustible resources are used less than nonrenewable resources.

One possible explanation is that the technology for using nonrenewable resources is much more developed than the technology for using renewable or inexhaustible resources.

Give two reasons why biomass energy might not be a good alternative energy source.

While biomass energy is considered to be renewable there are major problems associated with it. The burning of large sections of forest results in habitat destruction and air pollution.

Give two examples of renewable energy resources.

Two examples of renewable resources are energy from wood and energy from alcohol.

What are some advantages of solar energy? What are some disadvantages?

Solar energy has great potential as an energy source because it is inexhaustible. It is also a relatively clean source of energy. However, solar energy is currently relatively inefficient and disposal of the batteries is problematic.

resources that can be replenished

Renewable Resources

Battery disposal is a disadvantage of which form of energy?


energy derived from burning wood, alcohol, and garbage


Hydroelectric energy is inexhaustible.


Electricity produced by waterpower is ____.


Geothermal energy is derived from burning organic material such as wood, alcohol, and garbage.


Burning alcohol for fuel is a very efficient process.


energy obtained from heat within the earth


Habitat destruction is a disadvantage of geothermal energy.


Energy from hot magma is called ____.


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