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The Renaissance may be described as an age of

Curiosity and individualism, exploration and adventure, and the rebirth of human creativity

The intellectual movement called humanism

Focused on human life and its accomplishments.

The dominant intellectual movement of the Renaissance was called


Which of the following statements is not true of humanism

The humanists were basically atheistic in their beliefs

The Renaissance in music occurred between

1450 and 1600

Which of the following statements is not true of the Renaissance?

The Catholic Church was even more powerful in the Renaissance than during the Middle Ages.

Many prominent Renaissance composers, who held important posts all over Europe, came from what was then


Which of the following statements is not true of Renaissance music?

Instrumental music became more important than vocal music during the Renaissance

The leading music center in sixteenth-century Europe was


The texture of Renaissance music is chiefly


Renaissance music sounds fuller than medieval music because

Composers considered the harmonic effect of chords rather than superimposing one melody above another, the bass register is used for the first time, the typical choral piece has four five, or six voice parts of nearly equal molodic interest

A capella refers to

Unaccompanied choral music

Renaissance melodies are usually eady to sing because

The melody often moves along a scale with few large leaps

The two main forms of sacred Renaissance music are the mass and the


The Renaissance motet is a

Polyphonic choral work set to a sacred Latin text other than the ordinary of the mass

Which of the following is not a part of the Renaissance mass?


Which of the following is not a part of the Renaissance mass?

Ave Maria

Josquin Desprez spent much of his life in


Josquin Desprez was a contemporary of

Christopher Columbus

Which of the following statements is not true

Josquin spemt most of his life in the province of Hainut, today a part of Belgium

Palestrina’s career centered in


Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina’s

Music includes 104 masses and some 450 other sacred works

The movement in which the catholic church souht to correct abuses and malpractices within its structure is known as

The Counter Reformation

An attempt was made to purify Catholic Church music as a result of the

Deliberations of the Council of Trent

The council of trent attacked the church music of the Renaissance because it

Used secular tunes, noisy instruments, and theatrical singing

Palestrina’s Pope Marcellus Mass sounds fuller than Josquin’s Ave Maria because

It is set for six voices instead of four

The Renaissance madrigal began around 1520 in


During the Renaissance every educated person was expected to

Read musical notation, play a musical instrument, and be skilled in dance

Which of the following composers is not an important madrigalist?

Josquin Desprez

The Renaissance madrigal is a

Piece for several solo voices set to a short poem, usually about love

The development of the English madrigal can be traced to 1588 and considered a result of

The publicatiom in London of a volome of translated Italian madrigals

The madrigal anthology THE TRIUMPHES OF ORIANA was written in honir of

Queen Elizabeth I

Thomas Weelke’s AS VESTA WAS DESCENDING is notable for its

Word painting

Besides the madrigal, the _____ was another type of secular vocal music which enjoyed popularity during the Renaissance.

Lute song

The _____ was the most popular instrument in the Renaissance home.


The lute song was widely cultivated in England from

The late 1590’s to the 1620’s

Lute are songs mostly ___________ in textutre


A leading English composer of lute songs was

John Dowland

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