Quiz 17- Photography , Film, and Digital Art

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What does the word "photograph" mean?

writing with light

The mechanics of the camera are very similar to those of ________.

a human eye

The first cameras were ________.


The visual effect created by a camera obscura can occur in any room, whether it is light or dark.


When were the first successful photographs made using a camera?

early 1800’s

Daguerreotypes are made on ________.

polished metal plates

A major benefit of the daguerreotype process is that ________.

it creates very detailed images

A major benefit of the calotype process is that ________.

calotypes are negatives that can be readily reproduced

Match the early photographic innovator with his invention:

William Henry Fox Talbot: calotype Louis-Jacques Mande’ Daguerre: Daguerreotype

Photographic portraits can never be poetic or introspective.


Julia Margaret Cameron accidentally created soft-focus photographs.


When she made the photograph called Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange:

first passed the pea-pickers’ camp, but decided to turn back to take pictures

One of the earliest surviving photographs is a still life by Daguerre, featuring:

plaster casts, a framed picture, and a wine flask, by a window

In order for photojournalistic news photos to be effective they need to be seen as ________.


Match the photographic term with its definition

positive: image that matches the appearance as the human eye would see it negative: image that reverses the tones of light and dark subject: the person, place, or thing photographed photojournalism: using photographs to tell a news story photomontage: a collage made of photo-based images and text, usually photographed or scanned so it can be reproduced

Digital film-making has taken over as the dominant technology in the film industry.


The difference between film and video is:

the way that the images are recorded

The way that images appear to be moving in films and videos is actually an optical illusion.


The theory that describes the way separate images viewed at regular intervals create the appearance of continuous motion is called ________.

persistence of vision

In full gallop, a horse’s legs are ________ when all of them are off the ground.

underneath its body

As Eadweard Muybridge’s experiments with motion showed, ________.

the camera can capture what the human eye cannot see

the camera can capture what the human eye cannot see


Georges Méliès’s film A Trip to the Moon is known for being:

all of the other answers

Auteur theory ________.

all of the other answers

David Fincher’s House of Cards is known especially for being ________.

a mini-series with a full season’s episodes released simultaneously

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