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Channels on the surface of Mars may have been formed by:

running water

These figures show the eight planets of our Solar System. Drag each planet into its proper position in the Solar System from top, closest to the Sun, to bottom, farthest from the Sun.


What are the dark areas of the Moon interpreted to be?

large areas covered by basalt

What did the Cassini spacecraft and its Huygens probe discover on the surface of Titan, the largest of Saturn’s moons?

networks of drainages apparently carved by liquids

Which part of the Moon is the oldest and why?

the light-colored lunar highlands because they contain a higher density of craters per area

What largely determines the level of volcanic and tectonic activity on the Galilean moons?

proximity to Jupiter and its extreme tidal forces

Which of the following is true about Pluto?

all of these

What causes the phases of the Moon?

the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth cause us to see different amounts of the Moon’s lighted side

Which of the following are unusual about Uranus?

its axis of rotation, orientation of rings, and orbits of its moons are perpendicular to those of every other planet in the solar system

Whether it is one of the inner terrestrial planets, or outer gas giants, the location of a planet relative to the Sun has a lot to do with its:


Which of the four Galilean moons is the most volcanically active object in the solar system, erupting sulfur-rich lava?


The visible surface of Uranus and Neptune are bluish-green because they consist of:

methane and other gases

The infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum helps planetary scientists measure surface:

composition and temperature

Which of the following are present on Earth but not on any other planet?

none of these

The density of craters on a planet’s surface can help planetary scientists estimate its:


These figures show the eight planets of our solar system, not arranged in any order. For each planet, drag the appropriate description to that planet. Move your cursor over each drop box to receive hints about that planet.


What does this curved feature, which contains a point bar, indicate about past events on Mars?

the surface once had running water that eroded and deposited sediment

Smaller planets like Mercury that have large surface-area-to-volume ratios cool relatively:


What is the main control on whether a planet or moon has active tectonics and volcanism?

the size of an object

Mercury’s surface is heavily cratered due to:

all of these

What was the main technique used to study the solid surface of Venus?

radar images

Which of the following is NOT one of the inner terrestrial planets?


The Moon has been volcanically and tectonically inactive for more than:

2 billion years

These craters on the Moon formed when:

meteoroids and other objects impacted on the surface

During its early stages of formation, a catastrophic collision with Earth by a large body is thought to have ripped part of the Earth away to form:

the Moon

What is the current theory for the formation of our solar system?

the Sun and planets condensed from a cloud of gas and dust

What is the dominant character of the four outer planets?

they are large and gas rich

Why do comets have a tail?

solar wind strips off gas and dust, forming a tail pointing away from the Sun

Which of the following is the major difference between the inner planets as a group and the outer planets as a group?


Dark mare on the Moon is formed by?

basalt flows filled previously existing impact craters

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