Psychology- Module 9 Chapter 13

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What do Abraham Maslow’s and Carl Rogers’s theories have in common?

They believe that each human being is free to choose his or her own destiny.

If you are completing a paper/pencil test that requires you to read statements and indicate "true" or "false" as to whether or not they apply to you, then you are likely taking a(n) ________.

Personality inventory

Jerod has saved plenty of money and has a lucrative business that he enjoys. He likes to volunteer his time in the community and enjoys the company of others—but still saves time to be alone. One of his favorite things to do in the evening is to sit outside and watch the sunset. Carl Rogers might suggest that Jerod is ________.


Which theory of personality was a direct reaction against the psychoanalytic and behaviorist perspectives?

Humanistic perspective

In Carl Rogers’s theory, our perception of our abilities, traits, and characteristics is known as ________.


If Sylvia is described as good-natured, trusting, and helpful then she probably is fairly high on the Big Five factor known as ________.


Personality assessments conducted by behaviorists rely primarily on ________.

Direct observation

What is one criticism of projective tests?
-They are inappropriate for use with children.
-They are too simple in their administration and scoring.
-They have low validity and reliability.
-They fail to take into account differences in the testing environments.

They have low validity and reliability.

According to Carl Rogers, anxiety and neurotic behaviors occur when ________.

There is a mismatch between the real self and ideal self

What are the Big Five personality traits?

Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism

Carl Rogers emphasized accepting people for what they are, not for what you would like them to be. This acceptance is termed ________.

Unconditional positive regard

Which of these is an acronym that could help you remember the Big Five traits?


The ________ perspective is called the "third force" in personality theory.


Which of the following statements is a criticism that one might legitimately make about the humanistic perspective of personality?

It paints too rosy a picture of humanity, ignoring negative aspects of human nature.

What did Gordon Allport think about traits?

He thought they were wired into the nervous system.

Someone interested in an inventory that might be helpful for making a career choice should try ________.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The main advantage of personality inventories over projective tests and interviews is ________.

Inventories are standardized

The most commonly used personality inventory is the ________.


Ellen has been described as creative, imaginative, curious, artistic, and nonconforming. She is likely to obtain an elevated score on a questionnaire designed to measure ________.


The field of ________ is devoted to the study of just how much of an individual’s personality is due to inherited traits.

Behavioral genetics

When you accept someone—faults and all—regardless of whether or not you like the individual or approve of his or her lifestyle, Rogers suggests that you are exhibiting ________.

Unconditional positive regard

Which personality test relies on the interpretation of inkblots to understand personality?


Research on ________ supports the hypothesis that personality differences are due in part to genetic differences.

The heritability of traits

According to Rogers, people brought up with unconditional positive regard ________.

Feel valued regardless of their attitudes and behaviors

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