Psychology-Ch 7

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At about 6 weeks, an infant expresses happiness in response to a human face by displaying:

a social smile

When an infant is fearful of strangers, he or she is exhibiting:

stranger wariness.

Self-awareness is a

realization that one’s mind, body, and actions are separate from those of other people.

Pretending and using the words "I," "me," "mine," and "myself" are evidence that the child has developed:


An infant may see his or her own body as associated with the bodies of others because the boundaries between the sensory parts of the cortex are less distinct. This is referred to as:

cross-model perception

The theory that connects biosocial with psychosocial development is


__________ would trace a person’s excessive eating, drinking, or talking to how that person’s mother handled his or her urge to suck during infancy.


Satisfying a child’s basic needs with care and consistency relates to:

Erikson’s first crisis of life

Fourteen-month-old Carlos watches his older brother giggle and roll on the floor at SpongeBob on TV. Carlos then laughs and rolls on the floor whenever his brother does. This is an example of

social learning

Some Western parents rarely hold their infants except to:

restrain them to enforce separation

Synchrony between infant and parent becomes _______ frequent and _______ elaborate as time goes on

more; more

The experimental practice in which adults stare at their baby and remain expressionless is called:

the still-face technique.

The still-face technique:

shows that babies expect a positive response from their caregivers.

An insecurely attached infant is likely to show:


Which of the following is one of the key aspects of the Strange Situation?

exploration of toys

An infant’s smile upon seeing a person’s face normally emerges:

at about 6 weeks of age

When does an infant normally begin to express anger?

6 months

Separation anxiety:

A) is normal at age 1 but not after age 3. B) is an infant’s distress when a caregiver leaves C) intensifies by age 2 and then usually subsides by age 3 D) All of these answers are correct. Answer D ALL

A person dressed in an Easter bunny costume approaches 2-year-old Robyn to give her candy. She begins to cry loudly and clings to her mother. Robyn is exhibiting:

stranger wariness.

The classic experiment in which babies looked into a mirror after a red dot was placed on their noses provided evidence of self-awareness if the babies:

touched their noses

A temperamental adjustment that allows smooth infant-caregiver interaction is called

goodness of fit

Freud’s first stage of psychosexual development is:


The toilet-training method in which children would drink their favorite juice, sit on the potty, and be praised when the inevitable occurred is from the:

behaviorist theory

What is Erikson’s second crisis of life?

autonomy versus shame and doubt

A mutually coordinated, rapid, smooth interaction between a caregiver and an infant is called


The importance of synchrony is that infants learn to:

A) develop skills of social interaction. B) connect an internal state with an external expression. C) read others’ emotions D) All of these answers are correct. Answer D

Which theorist is associated with a laboratory procedure called the Strange Situation?


Which attachment pattern involves an infant who continues playing when his or her mother leaves the room and ignores her when she returns?


A theory that underlies the values and practices of a culture is a(n):


Albert crawls after his father when his father leaves the room. In doing so, Albert is exhibiting:

proximity-seeking behavior

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