Psychology-Ch 4

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The first two weeks of development after conception is called the:

germinal period.

What percentage of zygotes grow and survive to become living newborn babies?

31 percent

All of the following occur during the germinal period except:

organ formation.

The stage of prenatal development that lasts from the ninth week after conception until birth is:


Which of the following prenatal tests uses high-frequency sound waves?


The neural tube eventually develops into:

the spinal cord.

If the Apgar score is ___ or above, all is well.


A doula is a woman who:

helps with the birth process.

The country with the highest percentage of cesarean sections is:


Agents and conditions that harm the prenatal brain and impair learning and behavior are called:

behavioral teratogens.

The use of tobacco during pregnancy:

may affect the baby’s urinary tract.

Which factor is associated with neural-tube defects?

folic acid deficiency

Low birthweight (LBW) is defined as a body weight less than ____ at birth.

5 1/2 pounds

A reflex is:

an involuntary response to a particular stimulus

Which of the following reflexes is seen when an infant is startled?


The correct sequence of prenatal development is:

germinal period, embryonic period, fetal period.

How many trimesters are there in a normal pregnancy?


Which of the following happens during the germinal period?


The embryo has all the basic organs and body parts (except male and female organs) at approximately how many weeks after conception?

8 weeks

The SRY gene signals the development of the:

sex organs.

Advances in which area are CRITICAL in attaining the age of viability?

brain functioning

In a normal birth, the spontaneous onset of labor is set in motion by:

fetal hormones that trigger uterine contractions.

What is anoxia?

lack of oxygen during birth

Teratology is the study of:

birth defects.

Lithium use during pregnancy:

can cause heart abnormalities.

\Moderate use of the following substance has NOT been associated with fetal abnormalities:


Certain teratogens are relatively harmless in small doses but become harmful once exposure reaches a certain level. This is called:

the threshold effect

An infant born at 34 weeks would be classified as:

a preterm baby.

Which of the following is a reflex that is critical for survival?

A) Babinski B) stepping C) rooting D) Moro Answer C Rooting

What percentage of U.S. women experience postpartum depression?

8 to 15 percent

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