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The selection structure where the logic can flow only to one of the two alternatives, never to both is called an if-then-else structure or a(n) ____ selection.

all uppercase letters

Named constants conventionally are created using ____.

tested condition in the decision is false

The else clause of the decision is the part that executes only when the ____.


A ____ is a displayed statement that advises a user what to do.

Boolean expression

A ____ is one that represents only one of two states, usually expressed as true or false.

1 or 0

True/false evaluation is "natural" from a computer’s standpoint, because computer circuitry consists of two-state on-off switches, often represented by ____.


An ____ is a value on either side of an operator.


The ____ operator evaluates as true when the left operand is greater than or equivalent to the right operand.

stacked if

A series of nested if statements is also called a ____ statement.


Most programming languages allow you to ask two or more questions in a single comparison by testing a ____ condition.

truth tables

____ are diagrams used in mathematics and logic to help describe the truth of an entire expression based on the truth of its parts.


Each part of an expression that uses an AND operator is evaluated only as far as necessary to determine whether the entire expression is true or false, this feature is called ____ evaluation.


Logically, the AND operation corresponds to ____.


The conditional AND operator in Java, C++, and C# consists of ____.


A ____ of values is every value between low and high limits.


Sometimes you want to take action when one or the other of two conditions is true, this type of compound condition is called a(n) ____ decision.


Most programming languages allow you to ask two or more questions in a single comparison by using a logical ____ operator.


C#, C++, C, and Java use the symbol ____ to represent the logical OR.

exclamation point

In C++, Java, and C#, the ____ is the symbol used for the NOT operator.


You use the logical ____ operator to reverse the meaning of a Boolean expression.

Range check

When you use a ____, you compare a variable to a series of values that mark the limiting ends of ranges.

range checks

When new programmers perform ____, they are prone to using logic that includes too many decisions, entailing more work than is necessary.


You might say that the path that can never be traveled is a dead or ____ path,


When you combine AND and OR operators, the AND operators take ____, meaning their Boolean values are evaluated first.


Many programming languages allow you to use ____ to correct your logic when using ANDs and ORs and force the OR expression to be evaluated first.


When several decisions are based on the value of the same variable, in many programming languages you can use a shortcut called the case structure.


In every programming language, OR has precedence over AND.


In every programming language, multiplication has precedence over addition in an arithmetic statement.


Most programming languages allow you to combine as many AND and OR operators in an expression as you need.


Beginning programmers sometimes justify their use of unnecessary questions as "just making really sure" but such caution is necessary when writing computer logic as a beginner.


A good trial lawyer seldom asks a question in court if the answer will be a surprise, with computer logic however, such questions are an inefficient waste of time.


You should always ask a question even if there is only one possible answer or outcome.


Anytime you use an if without an else, you are doing nothing when the question’s answer is false.


To perform a range check, make comparisons using either the lowest or highest value in each range of values.


Besides AND and OR, a limited number of languages support a NOT operator.


The NOT operator is binary.


If the programming language you use supports the OR operator, you still must realize that the question you place first is the question that will be asked first, and cases that pass the test of the first question will not proceed to the second question.


As with the AND operator, most programming languages require a complete Boolean expression on only one side of the OR.


In an OR decision, first ask the question that is more likely to be false.


As with an AND selection, when you use an OR selection, you can choose to ask either question first.


In most programming languages, the phrase itemsSold >= MIN_FOR_ BONUS AND <= MAX_FOR_BONUS is correct.


You are required to use the AND operator even when using nested if statements can achieve the same result.


Logically, either selection in an AND decision can come first.


The six relational comparison operators each require three operands.


Every decision you make in a computer program involves evaluating a Boolean expression.


Boolean (true/false) expressions are named for George Boole.


If input for a program comes from a storage device, such as a disk, a prompt might be needed.


Often, a request from a user for A and B means a request for A or B.


When you must satisfy two or more criteria to initiate an event in a program, you must make sure that the second decision is made entirely outside the first decision.


When you first analyze a solution, you might find it easier if you use a flowchart and pseudocode simultaneously to ensure that you have the correct design.

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