Properties of water

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What is meant by polarity?

Opposite charges attract.

Which end of the water molecule attracts most of the electrons and act negative?

Oxygen atom.

Which end of the water molecule attracts most of the electrons and act positive?

Hydrogen atom.

How do water molecules act like "little magnets" ?

The hydrogen is attracted to the oxygen.

What is a solvent?

The substance in which the solve is dissolved.

Why is water called a universal solvent?

It can break anything that was together with polar substances.

What is a solute?

A substance dissolved in the solvent.

Which type of molecules, polar or non-polar, dissolves in water?


Are materials that dissolve in water hydrophilic or hydrophobic?


What is cohesion?

An attractive force that holds molecules of a single substance together.

Cohesion produces _______ tensions as the water molecules hold tightly together.


How do living things like insects use surface tension?

They run on water without breaking the surface.

Define adhesion.

The attractive force between two particles of different substances.

Adhesion produces an effect called ________ action when you place a straw in a liquid.


Explain how adhesion and cohesion help plants move materials.

It contributes to the upward movement of the water from the roots of plants.

When is water the densest?

When it is liquid water.

Explain why ice floats?

Liquid water is more dense than solid water.

How is a lake or river that freezes over helpful to the organisms in the water?

Protects it from the cold breeze.

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