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A preventable collision is one in which the driver fails to do everything _______________ to avoid it.


You increase your chances of surviving a collision by more than _______________, when you use safety belts.


The only things we can control when driving are

ourselves and our vehicles

In poor driving conditions, the first steps we should take are to

slow down and increase following distance

True or False: Driving ability is only impaired by alcohol; Over-The-Counter and illegal drugs can be used without decreasing your ability to operate a motor vehicle.


True or False: A driver, who keeps his or her blood alcohol level below the legal limit of .08, will not have impaired driving abilities.


When talking about distracted driving, a distraction refers to:

anything that takes your eyes or mind off the road and hands off of the wheel

_______________ is a safe following distance in good conditions.

three seconds

The number one most unsafe driving behavior that contributes to violations, crashes, injuries, and deaths.

too much or unsafe speed

The best ways to determine the safest driving speed are to know the speed limit and

assess the conditions

Delayed acceleration technique refers to:

Waiting to go through an intersection, until you have a chance to scan for other vehicles

Slow moving vehicles should display:

either hazard lights or the orange reflective triangle

True or False: it is safe to enter an intersection, even if you might be stuck in the intersection after the light changes.


This background color is used on signs for traveler services, information, and evacuation routes.


As a vehicle’s speed increases, it’s stopping distance


When facing a head-on collision, the best strategy is to (3)

-drive, not swerve, off the road onto the shoulder -reduce speed -grip the wheel firmly with both hands

True or False: Four-wheel drive vehicles are able to stop faster (in a shorter distance) than two-wheel drive vehicles.


Developing defensive driving habits involves: (3)

-Making safe and legal driving decisions -Creating a safe, stress-free personal driving space in and around your vehicle -Practicing common sense, courtesy, and cooperation

True or False: Pedestrians can legally use bicycle lanes on the side of the road.


Adults need _______________ hours of sleep every night.


This background color is used on signs that designate electronic billing lanes.


Orange is used as a background color for these types of signs…

temporary traffic control

True or False: For every 10 mph over 50 mph, the risk of death in a traffic crash is tripled.


Improper turns include: (3)

U-Turns, turning from the wrong lane, turning into the wrong lane

How do you avoid a head-on collision: (4)

-Read the road ahead for potential hazards -Drive to the right of the center of your lane -Reduce speed when you see an oncoming vehicle veers into your lane, this will reduce your impact and increase time available for reaction -Ride off the road to avoid an oncoming vehicle

When approaching an intersection, one way to avoid a collision is to:

Cover the brake and scan to the left, ahead, right, and back to the left

True or False: When driving in fog, you should use your vehicle’s low-beam lights


True or False: Children younger than 12 may ride in the front seat of your vehicle only if they are properly restrained by a lap and shoulder belt.


What types of crashes can result from making unsafe passes? (3)

-getting run off the road -getting sideswiped -getting hit head-on

The "No Zone" is

a large vehicle’s blind spot

The safest way to deal with an aggressive driver is to:

let the driver go by and ahead of you

How many seconds should you add to the three second following distance for every adverse driving condition.

one second

Stopping distance is equal to

Perception distance + reaction time + braking distance

True or False: You can cross a broken white line separating lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction.


True or False: For air bag safety, front-seat passengers should adjust their seat as far back from the dashboard as possible.


This background color is used on signs that designate recreational or cultural points.


These background colors are used on warning signs.

yellow and fluorescent green

During a crash air bags can cause fatalities when: (3)

-Lack of child restraint or safety belt use -Incorrect safety belt use -Sitting too close to the steering wheel or dashboard

When an emergency vehicle approaches: (3)

-Move to the right shoulder and stop -If in the left lane, move into the lane to your right -If moving to the right is not possible, move to the right side of your lane until the emergency vehicle has passed.

Absent any other direction by a law enforcement officer, the "Move-Over" law states that a driver should either move to a non-adjacent lane or slow to a reasonable and proper speed for the existing road and traffic conditions, which shall be below the speed limit and be prepared to stop when: (3)

-Approaching a privately owned vehicle displaying red and/or blue flashing lights -Approaching an emergency vehicle displaying red and /or blue flashing lights -Approaching a tow truck or highway maintenance vehicle displaying yellow light

True or False: Coordination is the first ability to be impaired by alcohol.


True or False: Light or "lite" beer has less alcohol than regular beer.


How do you scan an intersection:

Look left, look straight ahead, look right, and scan back to the left

The most common cause of right of way violations that cause accidents/fatalities: (3)

-failure to yield -disregarding a traffic signal -passing a stop sign

The best way to determine the safest driving speed is to

know the speed limit and assess the driving conditions

Following the delayed acceleration rule, when stopped at an intersection and the light turns green you should wait two seconds before accelerating into the intersection to: (3)

-allow time to scan the intersection -identify red light runners -assure the intersection is clear

True or False: A stale green light is a light that has been green for a long time.


Covering the brake means:

Moving your foot off of the gas and above, but not touching, the brake pedal

Your red traffic light changes to green while a pedestrian is crossing in your traffic lane. You should:

give the right of way to the pedestrian

When shifting from park (P) to Drive (D), you should:

Release the parking break and depress the brake pedal

A space cushion is…

An open space around your vehicle

Before entering traffic from the curb, you should: (4)

-turn your blinker signal on -turn your steering wheel -Check around your car for obstructions and pedestrians -Check the traffic ahead, in both the rear view and side mirrors, and over your left shoulder

Red is used as a background color for these types of signs…(4)

-stop -yield -wrong way -do not enter

What does depressing the brake pedal do?

Activates the rear brake lights

What does the seat-belt do?

positions you to safely hit the airbag and keeps you within the vehicle passenger compartment

Central (focal) vision is…

Straight-ahead, cone shaped area of your field of visions

Peripheral vision is…

To the sides of your field of vision

Depth perception is…

Judging the distance between you and other objects

A color blind driver can compensate by…

Remembering the order of lights in a traffic signal

When jump starting a vehicle with a dead battery…(3)

-Make sure that both batteries are the same voltage -Start the vehicle with the good battery first -Read the owners manual regarding jump starting for both cars, as many cars are grounded differently and/or they may have a "jumping post."

This background color is used on signs for directions, guides, and permissive information.


When leaving a parking space, you…

Must yield to all approaching traffic

The chance of a collision is greatest at…

An intersection

An intersection that has signals or signs to assign the right of way is called?

a controlled intersection

You allow others to go first when you…


You intend to turn left at an intersection. Others will yield the right of way to you for a left turn only when your…

Left-turn arrow is green

A green light that has been green for a while is called a…

stale green light

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