Network+ Chapter 8

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Posture assessment

Your organization has just approved a special budget for a network security upgrade. What procedure should you conduct in order to make recommendations for the upgrade priorities? Data breach


What wireless attack might a potential hacker execute with a specially configured transmitter?

Buffer overflow

What kind of vulnerability is exploited by a ping of death?

DRDoS (distributed reflector DoS) attack

Which type of DoS attack orchestrates an attack using uninfected computers?


What software might be installed on a device in order to authenticate it to the network?

Active Directory

What feature of Windows Server allows for agentless authentication?

Content-filtering firewall

What kind of firewall blocks traffic based on application data contained within the packets?

UTM (Unified Threat Management)

What of the following features does not distinguish an NGFW from traditional firewalls?

Layer 7

At what layer of the OSI model do proxy servers operate?

Boot sector viruses

What kind of virus runs in place of the computer’s normal system files?


Which software below combines known scanning techniques and exploits to allow for hybrid exploits?​

smurf attack​

What kind of attack involves a flood of broadcast ping messages, with the originating source address being spoofed to appear as a host on the network?​


Botnets often make use of what chat protocol in order to receive commands?​


​Which virus below combines polymorphism and stealth techniques to create a very destructive virus?


​What characteristic of viruses make it possible for a virus to potentially change its characteristics (such as file size, and internal instructions) to avoid detection?

logic bomb​

What type of virus are dormant until a specific condition is met, such as the changing of a file or a match of the current date?​


Programs that run independently and travel between computers and across networks, such as by e-mail attachment or virtually any kind of file transfer, are known as which option below?​


If multiple honeypots are connected to form a larger network, what term is used to describe the network?

SIEM system​

A system that is capable of collecting and analyzing information generated by firewalls, IDS, and IPS systems is known as which term below?

​reverse proxy

A proxy that provides Internet clients access to services on its own network is known as what type of proxy?​


At what layer of the OSI model do firewalls operate?​


Which software below serves as the firewall for Linux systems?​

​amplification attack

​A reflective attack can be increased in intensity by combining it with what type of attack?

​banner-grabbing attack

An attack in which hackers transmit bogus requests for connection to servers or applications in order to harvest useful information to guide their attack efforts is known as what option below?​

​man-in-the-middle attack

An attack that involves a person redirecting or capturing secure transmissions as they occur is known as what type of attack?


​Which option below is a standard created by the NSA that defines protections against radio frequency emanations?


The process in which a person attempts to glean access for authentication information by posing as someone who needs that information is known as what option below?​

dynamic ARP inspection

What feature on some network switches can be used to detect faked arp messages?​

​In ACL statements, the any keyword is equivalent to using what wildcard mask below?

​virtual wire mode

What mode setting on a firewall makes the firewall transparent to surrounding nodes as if it’s just part of the wire?​

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