Network+ Chapter 4

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A routing protocol’s reliability and priority are rated by what measurement?
Routing table


Which routing protocol does an exterior router use to collect data to build its routing tables?


Which two protocols manage neighbor discovery processes on IPv4 networks?
IPv4 and IPv6


When a router can’t determine a path to a message’s destination, where does it send the message?
Gateway of last resort
Default gateway
Administrative distance
Routing table

gateway of last resort

What field in a TCP segment is used to determine if an arriving data unit exactly matches the data unit sent by the source?
Acknowledgment number
Source port


Which OSI layer is responsible for directing data from one LAN to another?
Physical layer
Network layer
Transport layer
Data Link layer

network layer

At which OSI layer does IP operate?
Transport layer
Application layer
Data Link layer
Network layer

network layer

Which protocol’s header would a Layer 4 device read and process?


What is the Internet standard MTU?
65,535 bytes
1,522 bytes
1,500 bytes
9,198 bytes

1500 bytes

What kind of route is created when a network administrator configures a router to use a specific path between nodes?
Best path
Trace route
Default route
Static route

static route

AD (administrative distance)

A number indicating a protocol’s reliability, with lower values being given higher priority. This assignment can be changed by a network administrator.

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)

A core protocol in the TCP/IP suite that belongs in the Data Link layer of the OSI model. ARP works in conjunction with IPv4 to discover the MAC address of a node on the local network and to maintain a database that maps local IP addresses to MAC addresses.

ARP table

A database of records that maps MAC addresses to IP addresses. The ARP table is stored on a computer’s hard disk where it is used by the ARP utility to supply the MAC addresses of network nodes, given their IP addresses.

AS (autonomous system)

A group of networks, often on the same domain, that are operated by the same organization.

By default, which of the following components of the composite metric are considered for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) ?

Bandwidth and delay

A router receives a packet with a destination address that is not found within its routing table. The router is configured to send all such packets to a specific next hop address. What is this next hop address called?

default route

You manage a small stub network that has a router configured with static routing. If the connection to the next hop goes down, what action will the router perform?

It will continue to route traffic on the same path.

Which of the following is true about the OSPF routing protocol?

An OSPF maintains a network topology with only its directly connected networks.

Each router is informed of the network topology up to its immediately adjacent neighbors.

Each router has a partial knowledge of the network topology.

Each router has complete knowledge of the network topology.

Each router has complete knowledge of the network topology.

If you have a small Routing Information Protocol (RIP) network of 10 hops, how will RIP prevent routing loops?

By implementing a limit on the number of hops allowed in a path

You are asked to install a device that will combine several connections to the Internet and provide the sum of the available network speeds to an internal network while equally sharing the data traffic among all the Internet connections. Which of the following devices are you asked to install?

Wired controller

Dual modem

Multilayer router

Multilayer switch

Load balancer

load balancer

Which of the following statements is true about Fault tolerance?1) It is a direct result of the design of the network itself.2) It is the name of the feature that allows for dual layer 2 connections between switches.3) Enables a network to continue functioning normally in case of a partial failure.

Statements 1 and 3 are true

In which of the following applications can a virtual IP address be used?

Gateway Redundancy Protocols NAT

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