Mastering A&P Chapter 8

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Presence of a synovial cavity, articular cartilage, synovial membrane, and ligaments are characteristics of what type of joint?

hinge joint

Sprains indicate damage to what joint component?


Which of the following statements defines synchondroses?

cartilaginous joints where hyaline cartilage unites the ends of bones

Which of the following is NOT a factor that contributes to joint stability?

the amount of synovial fluid in the joint cavity

Which inflammatory joint disease is caused by the bites of ticks that live on mice and deer?

Lyme disease

Which joints are correctly matched?

ankle; hinge

A joint united by fibrocartilage tissue that usually permits a slight degree of movement is a ________.


An individual with a "double-jointed" thumb can pull it back towards the wrist much farther than normal. What does it mean to be "double-jointed?"

the joint capsules and ligaments are more stretchy and loose than normal

Which type of movement is unique to the forearm?


Which joint does NOT belong with the others?


Synovial joints are classified into six main categories based on __________.

shape of articular surfaces

Which of the following represents a structural classification for joints that are separated by a joint cavity?


Articular cartilage found at the ends of the long bones serves to ________.

provide a smooth surface at the ends of synovial joints

Which of the following are correctly matched?

osteoarthritis; chronic degenerative joint disease

The type of joint between the carpal (trapezium) and the first metacarpal is a ________ joint.


Which movement decreases the angle between articulating bones?


Connective tissue sacs lined with synovial membrane that act as cushions in places where friction develops are called ________.


What factor would account for a strong synovial joint?

the deepest articular surface

Which of the following is NOT a distinguishing feature of a synovial joint?

hyaline cartilage connecting the two bones of the joint

Which joint has sacrificed stability to provide great freedom of movement?


The terms inversion and eversion pertain only to the ________.


Which of the following refers to a joint that is slightly movable?


Bending your head back until it hurts is an example of ________.


Performing "jumping jacks" requires ________.

abduction and adduction

Which of the following are correctly paired?

synchondrosis; a plate of hyaline cartilage unites the bones

Fibrous joints are classified as ________.

sutures, syndesmoses, and gomphoses


Joint found only in the skull.


Tooth in socket.


Bones are connected exclusively by ligaments.


Bones united by fibrocartilage.

Pointing the toes is an example of ________.

plantar flexion

Which type of movement does NOT occur at the shoulder joint?


What is moving a limb away from the midline of the body along the frontal plane called?


Which of the following are cartilaginous joints?


What are menisci (articular discs)?

wedges of fibrocartilage that partially or completely divide the synovial cavity

The gliding motion of the wrist uses ________ joints.


In the classification of joints, which of the following is true?

All synovial joints are freely movable.

Synarthrotic joints ________.

are immovable joints

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