Health Chapter 10

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What percentage of adult Americans are overweight or obese?

More than 60%

Obesity is a risk factor for

heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

When trying to determine her ideal, healthy weight, a woman should be less concerned about comparing herself to her friends and more concerned about

her percentage of body fat and how her weight is distributed.

Problems with the BMI measurement include that

it is an indirect estimate of body fat.

John underwent a body composition test that involved being submerged to compare his underwater weight with land weight to determine the amount body fat. This method of assessment is known as a

hydrostatic weighing.

A good way to control portion sizes when you eat at home is to

serve meals on smaller plates.

The method of body composition measurement that sends a small current through the body to measure the resistance based on percentage of body water is

bioelectrical impedance analysis.

The U.S. population has become increasingly sedentary because

people spend more time sitting at home and at work.

The amount of energy the body uses at complete rest is known as the

basal metabolic rate.

Data from the National Health Interview Survey show that 4 in 10 adults

never engage in any exercise, sports, or physically active hobbies.

In addition to the United States, which of the following nations or regions are also experiencing an obesity epidemic?

Mexico and the United Kingdom

Individuals who go on and off starvation diets multiple times to lose weight will likely end up with

a lower basal metabolic rate.

Which of the following people would be most likely to notice the effects of an age-related decline in metabolic rate?

30-year-old computer programmer

The concept of adaptive thermogenesis attempts to explain

how thin people can consume large amounts of calories without gaining weight.

Some scientists believe that the hypothalamus does all of the following EXCEPT

disrupts adaptive thermogenesis.

Which of the following is NOT true about weight management?

Long-term behavior modification is not as effective as short-term diets.

A person’s exercise metabolic rate (EMR) will increase if he or she

increases the activity level from light to moderate.

In planning a weight management program that has the best chance of success you must

set realistic short- and long-term goals.

The body adapts to prolonged fasting or carbohydrate deprivation by converting body fat to ketones to be used as fuel for brain cells, a process called


When fasting or eating a very-low-calorie diet for prolonged periods, the body will obtain fuel from its energy stores. One of the last reserves the body will use is

protein in muscle and organ tissue.

Problems associated with severe caloric restriction include all of the following EXCEPT

increased tolerance to cold.

The weight loss drugs Redux and Pondimin (also known as fen-phen) were recalled after FDA approval and widespread use because they were found to

damage heart valves.

Currently there is no prescription weight loss drug available that can be used over time without increasing the chances of

adverse effects and abuse.

Over-the-counter weight loss supplements typically contain


Liposuction is used to

Spot reduce or contour body shape.

Some forms of cancer are associated with obesity.


Extremely low body fat can contribute to amenorrhea in females.


A mother’s decision to bottle-feed her baby, as opposed to breast-feeding, would increase the child’s chances of becoming obese.


Basal metabolic rate is relatively stable throughout life.


Two males of equal size and leanness but different ages will burn the same amount of calories at rest.


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