Environmental Conditions and Safety

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When exercising in the heat, you should __________.

D. vary the intensity and duration of the exercise

Which of the following choices are good strategies when exercising in extreme heat or cold?

D. all of the above

Exercising with a friend or partner will enhance your safety.


Lighting, pollution, and traffic are all important safety factors to consider when exercising.


Acute hypothermia is caused by __________.

A. rapid loss of body heat

To remain healthy, daily fluid intake should be much less than fluid loss.


It’s always safer to exercise in a gym.


Drinks with high levels of carbohydrates can cause dehydration in hot environments.


__________ has occurred when your body can no longer regulate its temperature.

B. Heat stroke

Heat stroke can lead to unconsciousness and death.


Frostbite __________.

B. results when tissues are damaged by extreme cold

When lost fluid is not replaced adequately, __________ can result.

C. dehydration

Which statement most accurately describes the ideal fluid balance for the body?

D. equal fluid intake and fluid loss

When exercising, you have little influence over your personal safety.


Dressing appropriately for exercise includes __________.

C. wearing sunscreen when exercising outside

Besides urination, the other methods for fluid loss from the body are __________.

A. perspiration and respiration

Hypothermia is a condition caused by exercising in extreme heat.


Urination is one of the key mechanisms for losing fluid from the human body.


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