Environmental Conservation

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Which of the following is an important purpose of national parks and wildlife refuges?

to protect landscapes and endangered species

Why is the idea of climate change controversial?

Not everyone agrees on its causes or its possible solutions.

Which of the following names two Congressional actions, one intended to prevent pollution and another intended to clean toxic sites?

the Clean Air Act and the Superfund

Which of the following best describes the function of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?

to enforce laws that restrict land, water, and air pollution

Water usage in the United States has

tripled during the last fifty years.

Which of these arguments is often made against the idea of conservation?

Land and natural resources should be used for economic gain.

Which of the following is the best description of fresh water as a natural resource?

limited and vulnerable

Which of the following happens when fossil fuels are burned?

Carbon dioxide and other pollutants are released into the air.

Government sanctioned activities to improve ecosystems have had little effect.


It is important for _______ to participate in conservation efforts.

all of the above

How is the National Wildlife Refuge System similar to the Pacific Region Coastal Program?

Both programs are concerned with providing habitats for wildlife.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service is responsible for protecting _______.

all of the above

Efforts to restore wetlands and forests along the coast will most likely _______.

all of the above

What is the main goal of the Pacific Region Coastal Program?

restore wetland and forest habitats

How is the approach of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy different than the approach of the Energy Star program?

The Energy Star program is consumer based, while the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy is industry based.

How has the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service positively impacted ecosystems?

by conserving wildlife habitats

The Alliance to Save Energy seeks to increase energy efficiency through _______.

lobbying for policy changes

What is the proposed location for the disposal of high-level waste from a nuclear reactor?

Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Which of the following is a way that science has benefited society?

all of the above

How has science led to advancements that benefit society?

Scientific exploration has led to a social imbalance.

Which of the following is a difficulty associated with environmental protection?

all of the above

What is the main function of environmental policy?

reduce human impact on the environment

Which of the following is a negative consequence of scientific advancements on society?

increased pollution

Why is an environmental contingency plan important?

The effects of environmental changes cannot be determined with certainty, so contingency plans are necessary to effectively deal with unexpected changes.

Science has had no negative impacts on society.


Waste management is an environmental issue that has been addressed by environmental policy.


Which of the following statements about the environmental movement is true?

It incorporates the conservation movement.

The ultimate goal of sustainable development is to _______.

meet current and future resource needs

Sustainable development and land use planning are most concerned with _______.

improving long-term city health

Earth houses are predominantly illuminated with natural light.


Which of the following best describes the areas studied as a part of environmental sociology?

the interactions between social organization and the physical environment

Land use planning is best described as _______.

a branch of public policy for ordering and regulating the development of land

Environmental sociology is concerned with _______.

social factors that lead to environmental problems

Smart growth is an urban planning theory that promotes the development of suburbs surrounding major city centers.


The Kyoto protocol works by _______.

voluntary involvement

Why is it important for all countries to participate in reducing resource depletion?

All of the above

What historically has had the greatest impact on the development of environmental policy?

large-scale public environmental events

In recent years, the controversy surrounding environmental issues has decreased.


The National Environmental Policy Act was established in 1965.


The Environmental Policy Act of 1969 was instituted as a follow up regulation to major environmental issues that occurred in the 1960’s.


All international conservation programs were started in the 1990’s.


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