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what is insertion mutation?

one nucleotide is added to a gene or a DNA sequence

what is substitution mutation?

one nucleotide takes place of another

what is deletion mutation?

one nucleotide is taken away from a gene or DNA sequence

how many different kinds of bases can be found on DNA?


what base is found on RNA but not DNA?


how many bases are in a codon?


how many bases are in an anticodon?


how many amino acids are attached to a single transfer RNA?


transcription occurs in the_______?


translation occurs in the_________?


the process of making RNA from DNA is called_____________ and it occurs in the___________?

transcription and it occurs in the nucleus

the process of assembling a protein from RNA is called_________ and it occurs in the_____________?

translation and it occurss in the cytoplasm

describe two ways in which RNA differs from DNA.

RNA is a single strand, DNA is a double helix and RNA has uracil instead of thymine

why is the nucleus called the cotrol center of the cell?

because it controls the chromosomes which controls tge organelles

what is a gene?

in the nucleus

DNA can be found in what organelles?

mitochondria and chloroplast

what two scientist established the structure of DNA?

James Watson and Francis Crick

replication is called ssemi conservative because half of the original strand is?


what are sides of the DNA ladder made of?

alternating sugar and phosphate molleculles

what three parts make up a single nucleotide?

single base, deoxyribose sugars and phosphate

what are the 4 bases that make up the rungs of the DNA ladder?

andnine guanine thymine and cytosine

what sugar is found in DNA?

deoxyribose sugar

what sugar is found in RNA?

ribose sugar

A bonds with_?


G bonds with_?


proteins are made where in the cell?


how is RNA different from DNA? ( list 3 things )

RNA is a single strand, DNA is a double helix, RNA has uracil instead of thymine, and RNA has ribose sugar while DNA has deoxyribose sugar

the process of copying DNA is called?


what is the shape of DNA?

a double helix

why is dna called the blueprint of life?

because its what a person is made and a house if mmade from a blueprint

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