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Write out the full name of DNA

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

What is a gene

A segment of DNA that codes for a trait

Where in the cell are chormosones located?

The chromosones are located in the NUCLEUS OF THE CELL.

DNA can be foun in what two organelles

Chloroplasts and Mitochondria

What two scientists established the structure of DNA?

James Watson and Frances Crick

What is the shape of DNA


What are the sides of the DNA LADDER made of?

Alternating Sugar and Phosphate

What are the rungs of the DNA ladder made of?

thymines, adenines, guanines, cytosines

What sugar is found in DNA?


What sugar is found in RNA?


The two purines in DNA are

Adenine and Guanine.

How do the bases bond together?

A bonds with Tymine and G bonds with Cytosine

DNA is made of repeating units called


Why is RNA necessary to act as a messenger?

RNA takes the \"message\" of the DNA to the ribosomes and \"tells them\" what proteins are to be made.

Why can’t the code be taken directly from the DNA?

The RNA is faster.

Proteins are made where in the cell?

In the ribosome

How do some cells become brain cells and others become skin cells, when the DNA in ALL cells is exactly the same. In other words, if the instructions are exactly the same, how does one cell become a brain cell and another a skin cell?

Why is DNA called the Blueprint of Life?

Every cell in your body has the same "blueprint" or as it is really called, DNA.

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