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Postconventional morality involves _____.

an emphasis on laws and social order ?

Compared with single-parent homes, two-parent homes usually have _____.

higher income

The best example of an aggressive-rejected child is _____.

Laura, who is disliked because she tells others they are stupid

About _____ of school-age children live in a two-parent family.

two thirds

Laurel is always friendly. When someone tells her a secret, she does not tell other friends. She also is helpful and cooperates with others to get class projects done. Other students like working with Laurel. Laurel could be defined as a(n) _____ child.


Research shows that a child is most likely to be a victim of bullying if the child is _____.

withdrawn rejected

When both parents live with their children and are mutually committed to them, _____ is likely to form.

a parental alliance

Alexys is usually good because she is afraid that she will be punished if she isn’t. Alexys is at which level of Kohlberg’s view of moral development?


Eric repeatedly calls Jacob names. Eric also teases Jacob about his haircut and clothes. The type of bullying that Eric is displaying is _____.


What period is the prime time for moral development?

middle childhood

Children’s steady growth, brain maturation, and intellectual advances make middle childhood a time for more _____.


All of the following factors drive children’s growing interest in moral issues EXCEPT _____.


Heather decides not to tell the teacher that her classmate Joshua is cheating on the math exam because she is afraid the other kids will call her a snitch. This is an example of Kohlberg’s _____ stage of moral development.


More than people of any other age, children between the ages of 6 and 11 are _____.

industrious, practicing the skills valued by their culture

Ten-year-old India caught Lyndsey, her best friend, lying to her mom. India will probably _____.

keep quiet about it

To reduce the impact of divorce on children, which of the following should take place?

transitions should be minimized

The most common type of family for children in the United States is the _____.

nuclear family

Liza is asked whether a person should steal food if he or she is starving. Liza says no, the person should ask for help and someone would offer food. Liza’s answer is BEST explained by _____.


How a serious stressor affects a child depends to a large extent on _____.

whether the child has experienced repeated stresses

According to the text, what method has been effective in stopping bullying in schools?

using a whole school strategy

Two factors that universally interfere with family function in every nation are _____.

low income and high conflict

Which family function is especially crucial in middle childhood?

harmony and stability

What is a hallmark of close friendships during middle childhood?

same age

According to Erikson, if 9-year-old Jessica is successful in solving her psychosocial conflict, she should be developing a view of herself as _____.


Olivia is an extremely timid and anxious 8-year-old girl. Other children seem to dislike her. She appears to be a(n) _____.

withdrawn rejected child

By the time children are the age of 10, which statement is TRUE?

both boys and girls want to have best freinds

Who is LEAST likely to experience psychological problems during middle childhood?

Dimitri, who is being raised by his biological mother and father

Children acting as parents and trying to take care of everyone is called _____.


The particular rules and behaviors that are passed down to younger children from older children are what define _____.

child culture

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