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Of the different types of aggression, the most ominous is _____.


William sees a construction set at the toy store and asks his dad if he can have it for his birthday. His dad asks him if he thinks he would be able to use it. William reminds his dad that he is good at building with blocks. What does this example demonstrate?

William’s positive self concept

A child having an imaginary friend is an example of _____.

intrinsic motivation

Prosocial behavior is characterized by behavior that is _____.

intended to help another without any benefit for oneself

Of the following types of aggression, which tends to be most characteristic of 2-year-old children?


Developmentalists who focus on children’s thinking about sex roles as opposed to their observable behaviors are _____ theorists.

psychoanalytic? wrong

Which scenario best illustrates prosocial behavior?

Bethany feeds her baby brother because her mother is sick.

A parenting style characterized by high parent-to-child communication, low warmth, and high expectations of maturity is _____.


_____ differences are biological and _____ differences are culturally prescribed.

sex; gender

Sociodramatic play helps children develop _____ when they act out fear, bravery, and fury.

emotional regulation

Diana Baumrind is known for her work on _____.

parenting styles

The preeminent psychosocial accomplishment between the ages of 2 and 6 is learning when and how to _____.

regulate emotions

Aggression used to obtain a toy or other object is _____.


Emotional regulation is influenced by maturation, learning, and _____.


Children who lack self-control are most likely to have parents who have the _____ parenting style.


_____ is harm or endangerment that has been reported, investigated, and verified.

substantiated maltreatment

Which scenario best demonstrates the behaviorist theory regarding gender development?

Christine wears a dress, and her parents tell her how pretty she looks.

Mia and Claire are 3-year-olds at free play in their preschool. Mia has a lacy apron tied around her head like a wedding veil, and Claire has a sheer curtain tied over her shoulders like a cape. Each is holding a wand—one is a stick with a star on the end, and the other is a long Tinker Toy stick with one wheel connector at the end. When asked what they’re doing, Mia says, "We’re playing fairy. We’re both fairies." What kind of play are they engaging in?

sociodramatic play

_____ are actions, such as immediate and effective medical treatment, after an adverse event.

tertiary prevention

Parents who set limits, enforce rules, and listen receptively to their children are exhibiting the _____ pattern of parenting.


Putting a person in the care of someone other than the parents to prevent further harm is referred to as _____.

foster care

The four dimensions of a parenting style are warmth, discipline, communication, and _____.

expectations for maturity

Which factor(s) help(s) a young child demonstrate initiative, as Erikson details it in his third stage of psychosocial development?

a child’s sense of guilt and shame? wrong

In Freudian theory, a little boy who develops sexual feelings toward his mother and becomes jealous of his father is experiencing _____.

Oedipus complex

Young children usually play best with _____.

their peers

Roderick hits or kicks Edwin on the playground nearly every day. He also encourages other children to laugh at Edwin’s attempts to kick a ball. Roderick is using _____ aggression against Edwin.


The individual most likely to have grown up with permissive parents is _____.

Paul who is unhappy and lacks self control

An angry 5-year-old girl might stop herself from hitting another child because she has developed _____.

emotional regulation

A discipline technique that involves the parent talking to the child and helping the child to understand what he or she did wrong is known as _____.


A child having an imaginary friend is an example of _____.

intrinsic motivation

Karlene has just required her 4-year-old daughter to sit quietly, without toys or any form of play, for a few minutes after her daughter deliberately poured juice on the floor. This is an example of _____.

time out

Three girls spread a rumor that 7-year-old Heather is a bed-wetter who still uses a pacifier. This is an example of _____ aggression.


Which scenario is an example of antisocial behavior?

Mark intentionally knocks over Simon’s blocks.

Tiara, Molly, and Maria are playing dress-up. They are all princesses and have built a castle out of cardboard boxes and colored paper. What type of play are the three girls engaging in?

sociodramatic play

Research has found that children are less happy and less able to learn if _____ play is prevented.


The ability to regulate one’s emotions and actions through effort, not simply through natural inclination, is referred to as _____.

effortful control

Feelings of dislike or even hatred for another person are known as _____.


What is one of the functions peers provide in active play?


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