Demographics and Population Wrld Hist 1 answer keys

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Which country has an effective replacement level?


Which region has the highest population growth rate?


Overpopulation impacts the environment primarily by

limiting land available for crops.

Developed countries are facing challenges because their populations are

competing for limited natural resources.

What is the main effect of overpopulation on animals?

Extinction occurs due to loss of habitat.

Having better access to shelter and____ has contributed to global population growth.

clean water

Because of overcrowding, Russia and Japan are expected to have ____ population growth in the near future.


Based on the graph, which area is closest in population size to Europe?


In what year are the populations of China and India projected to be equal?


Population growth in developing countries is high primarily because of the availability of____ .


How does India’s attempt at controlling population growth differ from China’s?

India encourages the advancement of women.

The Chinese one-child policy was controversial because

fundamental human rights were violated.

What does overpopulation tend to impact the most?

standard of living

Overpopulation impacts the environment primarily by

causing the removal of trees.

The swift population rise in the last 2,000 years was caused by an increase in

access to birth control education.

How do advances in industrialization and urbanization cause a population rise?

by providing better public health care

What is the life expectancy for a child born in a developing country in 2030?

70 years

Overpopulation can result in a/an___ of natural resources.


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