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Which of the following is a markup language?

D. All of the Above

In a browser _____ link to pages that you use frequently

C. Both A and B (bookmarks and favorites)

A web ________ is an internet based computer that stores Web site content and accepts requests from browsers

B. Server

If you wanted to set the text in a section of your HTML document to italics, what tag would you use?

B. <i>

A(n)_________ is a company that provides space on a server to house Web pages

D. Web Hosting service

Which HTML tag designates links to other Web pages?

D. <a href>

Which of the following is NOT an HTTP method?


A link contains the ________ that links to another Web page

A(n) ________ is a program designed to help people locate information on the Web by formulating simple queries

B. Search engine

If your device will not display a PDF in your browser, you may need to install a browser __________.

D. Plugin

Which early browser was the first to run on multiple computer platforms including windows?

A browser _______ adds features to a browser.

B. extension

Which of the following is a common use of server-side scripting?

A. Online shopping

Which of the following is a technique for improving the ranking and visibility of a Web site?

C. Search engine optimization

The World Wide Web is a collection of HTML documents, images, videos, and sound files that can be linked to each other and accessed over the internet using a protocol called___________.


Every Web page has a unique address called a_______.


HTTP is considered to be a(n)_______ protocol.

D. Stateless

Which of the following would NOT be considered an essential element of a browser?

D. Bookmark toolbar

Which of the following is NOT used to create or edit HTML documents?

B. Filezilla FTP client

Which is a component of a search engine?

D. All of the above

The ____ is a collection of HTML documents, images, videos, and sound files that can be linked to each other and accessed over the internet using a protocol called HTTP.

B. World Wide Web

Which HTTP method does a browser use when you upload files to a specific Web address?


Which of the following file extensions indicates the file is an HTML document?

D. Both A and B

What is the term used for when a link leads to a Web page that no longer exists?

B. link rot

Which of the following is a function of the browser cache?

A. Any elements that it stores do not have to be downloaded again

What does HTML tag &lt;p&gt; designate in an HTML document?

A. new paragraph

When were the original HTML specifications developed by Tim Berners-Lee?

C. 1990

If you wanted to turn bold off for the remainder of a text in an HTML document, what tag would you use?

D. </b>

Which of the following is data that would NOT be found in a cookie?

A. information it reads from your hard drive

A _______ cookie is set by a site other than the one you connected to.

B. third-party

If you are sending personal data such as credit card information to a Web site, which of the following should you see in the address bar of your browser?


In the list below, which one is NOT a search operator?


What is the term that is used to describe a computer system that could store literary documents, link them according to logical relationships, and allow readers to comment and annotate what they read?

D. hypertext

If you allow your browser to store passwords, you no longer need to worry about security for those passwords


HTTP is the markup language used to specify the contents of a web page


In todays Web, most Web pages have bidirectional links


You can think of HTTP as the system that browsers use to communicate with a web server and ask for HTML documents


Using just HTML and CSS, Web designers can create dynamic Web pages


In an HTML document, most tags are inserted as pairs


Session cookies are stored on a disk or other permanent storage medium


A 404 status code indicates that the resource that your browser has requested does not exist


An HTML document consists of three sections: the head, the body, and the content


HTML is the only markup language used on the Web


HTML tags are instructions for a browser


Files can remain in the web cache for days or weeks


An HTML document begins with DOCTYPE and html declarations

Public key encryption requires one key to encrypt data, but a different key to decrypt it.


Your search history is the same as your browser history


The web is synonymous with the internet


Cookies can be stored on desktop and laptop computers but not smartphones or tablet computers


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