Commanders Safety Course (2G-F94V3.1)

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Which of the following can Soldiers use to determine residual risk for a planned privately owned vehicle trip?

Travel Risk Planning System

All of the following are key sources of Army transportation hazards EXCEPT:

POV operations

An accidental fire caused $1.5 million in damage to a hangar. No one was injured. What accident class is this?

Class A

What would be appropriate topics to include in a formal safety briefing?

All of the above

All of the following are effective methods you might use to communicate safety to your unit EXCEPT:

Mandating zero defects

The roles and responsibilities of the Director of Army Safety and other key players in the Army Safety Program can be found in what document?

AR 385-10

All of the following are resources you should consult for guidance on Army transportation safety EXCEPT:

U.S. Department of Energy website

Which of the following correctly describes the information flow and relationship between accident and other investigations?

If a criminal determination is made by the CID, the accident investigation proceeds

Who is responsible for applying composite risk management in unit operations?


What key factor(s) should be considered when assessing a Soldier’s risk for privately owned vehicle accident?

All of the above

The unit safety program should address all of the following areas EXCEPT:

Coordinating standards with OSHA

What determines the Class of an Army accident?

The cost of property damage or degree of injury

Common cause(s) of Army transportation accidents include:

All of the above

What model are you required to use when creating a command safety briefing?

There is no model that you are required to use

Effective controls to mitigate workplace hazards include:

All of the above

Common accident hazards associated with the workplace include everything EXCEPT:

Lack of written procedures to perform a task

What document is a guide for applying the composite risk management process to conserve combat power and resources?


All of the following are key resources for guidance on workplace safety EXCEPT:

U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine

What can be done to help Soldiers manage their own off-duty risk?

All of the above

The most critical factor affecting safe privately owned vehicle operations is:

Excessive speed

How can you use RMIS to support the risk management process?

By identifying hazards associated with particular systems or operations

The purpose for conducting safety briefings include:

All of the above

The requirements and procedures for Army aviation accident prevention programs are found in what document?

DA Pam 385-90

Which of the following should you include at the end of your safety briefing?

A brief statement of the three or four carry-away messages for the briefing

All of the following are effective controls to mitigate the risk of a privately owned vehicle accident EXCEPT:

Leave/Pass Form

When a Soldier exhibits signs of substance abuse the following strategies and interventions would be useful EXCEPT:

Restrict them to the barracks

Which of the following best describes the most important objective(s) of conducting safety briefings?

All of the above are objectives of safety briefings

Common hazards in the workplace include:

All of the above

What is the primary purpose of accident reporting?

To enable the Army to identify lessons learned, Army-wide problems, and problematic trends

Your primary resources for guidance on workplace safety include everything EXCEPT:

Department of Public Works

The first priority at every accident site is the safety of victims/personnel involved. After this has been accomplished, what is the next order of business?

Document the original accident scene before any evidence is moved

A sound framework for identifying hazards when planning, preparing, and executing operations is what?


What key resource(s) are available to commanders for assistance with loss prevention?

All of the above

Which of the following best describes the legal and administrative options you, as a commander, may exercise to enforce safe behavior?

You may employ a full range of administrative and legal actions from counseling and reprimands through actions that could end a Soldier’s career in the Army.

All of the following are benefits of Composite Risk Management EXCEPT:

Removes all risk

The following are all principles of the Army Safety Program EXCEPT:

Provisions for safety enforcement begin at the company level

What incorporates OSHA requirements into the Army Safety Program?

All of the above

What document mandates the integration of composite risk management into the unit safety and occupational health program?

AR 385-10

All of the following are core elements of the unit safety program EXCEPT:

Explosive Safety

The off-duty activity that results in the greatest number of accidents and disabling injuries include everything EXCEPT:


All of the following would be considered an Army accident EXCEPT:

Two off-duty Soldiers get into a fight and one suffers a broken wrist.

The primary off-duty hazard areas include everything EXCEPT:

Criminal activities

A sudden or unexplained change in behavior can be a warning sign that indicates risk for several potential sources of loss including?

All of the above

Which of the following best describes how the composite risk management process should be reflected in your safety briefings?

It is important to review the composite risk management worksheet

Based on the modern accident causation model, systems defects include all of the following areas EXCEPT:


What is the primary purpose of accident investigations?

To determine how to avoid a similar accident in the future

Which of the following publications provides implementing instructions for the investigation and reporting of Army accidents?

DA Pam 385-40

What document provides ‘guidance’ on implementing safety programs in ground units?

DA Pam 385-40

All of the following are critical controls you should implement to mitigate transportation safety risks for your troops EXCEPT:

Make risk decisions at the highest level of authority

Which of the following publication s provide policy on what has to be done in the course of an Army accident investigation?

DA Pam 385-40

A convoy vehicle stopped suddenly resulting in a death of one Soldier who was thrown because she was not wearing a seatbelt. What Accident class is this?

Class A

All of the following are methods you could use to identify workplace hazards for a new unit you have been assigned to command EXCEPT:

Analyze the unit’s use of TRiPS

All of the following loss prevention strategies are useful for preventing sexual assault EXCEPT:

Employ reactive measure when problems arise

What type(s) of accidents should be investigated?

All accidents

Which of the following best describes how you assess hazards in the composite risk management process?

Estimate the probability and severity and then determine the risk level using the risk assessment matrix

The requirements and procedure for Army aviation accident prevention programs are found in what document?

DA Pam 385-90

Which of the following situations can be considered an Army accident?

An off-duty Soldier driving his personal vehicle is involved in an accident with a school bus. The Soldier suffers a broken wrist and misses two days of work.

Which of the following provides a set of proven controls for mitigating privately owned vehicle risk?


The organization of the Army Safety Program supports what concept with respect to responsibilities?

Commanders at all levels are responsible for protecting the people, equipment, and facilities under their commands.

How do you determine overall mission risk?

It is equal to the risk level of the hazard with the greatest residual risk

What is the correct order for the steps in the Composite Risk Management process?

Identify hazards, Assess hazards, Develop controls and make decisions, implement controls, Supervise and evaluate

What are your primary resources for unit safety expertise, training, tools, or publications?

All of the above

Additional critical sources of loss that must be considered when implementing composite risk management include:

All of the above

As the commander, how often are you required to conduct Standard Army Safety and Occupational Health Inspections?


Residual risk is determined when?

After you reassess the hazards as if the controls were in place

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