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After a bill passes both houses of the Texas legislature, it then

becomes law without a governor’s signature with a veto override.

The only unicameral state legislature is that of


Which of the following statements characterizes the membership of the Texas legislature?

Anglo men dominate the Texas legislature

What is the fate of a bill vetoes by the governor after the legislature has adjourned?

the bill will die and cannot be overridden

Which of the following is not a power accorded the lieutenant governor by the Texas Constitution or Senate rules?

Voting on all bills before the Senate

Educationally, most members of the Texas legislature have

attended institutions of higher learning.

The terms of office for members of the Texas legislature are

Senate, four years; House of Representatives, two years; no term limits

House rules prohibit ghost voting. This practice involves representatives

having another representative vote for them.

Which of the following is a true statement regarding senators in the Texas legislature?

They all stand for election the year following redistricting.

Legislative redistricting for both houses in Texas routinely occurs

the first odd-numbered year in a decade.

Functions of the Texas legislature include all of the following, except

appointing state judges.

Under the Texas Constitution, those serving in the Texas legislature

cannot hold another government office.

While the legislature is debating a bill, the governor can most readily stop that bill by

threatening to kill it with a veto.

In the House and Senate, bills are most likely to be debated and perhaps amended

on the second reading.

The Texas Constitution establishes the offices of president of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives. It subsequently designates the lieutenant governor as

president of the Senate.

A vacancy in the Texas House or Senate arising during a term is filled by

a special election

In the Texas House, a committee that considers legislation and recommends whether it should or should not pass is called a(n)

substantive (standing) committee.

Before making an appointment, the governor is expected to consult with the senator of an affected district, a process is called senatoria


On the floor of the Texas Senate, a two-thirds vote is required for any bill to be considered due to the use of a

blocking bill.

Which of the following is a false statement regarding special sessions of the Texas Legislature?

they are limited to three per year

On its first reading in the House of Representatives, a bill is then

referred to the appropriate committee.

Which of the following statements best characterizes the Texas legislature?

anglo males are a majority of the membership in both houses of the legislature.

Occasionally, representatives engage in lengthy debates on bills that they do not oppose. This delaying action is called


The Texas legislature differs most from the U.S. Congress in that

it meets in regular session for a very limited time.

Which of the following is a false statement regarding members of the Texas legislature?

Vacancies to legislative seats are filled by governor’s appointment.

Which of the following is not correct regarding the Texas House of Representatives?

It has fewer standing committees than in the senate.

Attempting to delay or impede a bill’s passage by holding the floor in debate is referred to as


Lobbyist must register with, and make state-required lobbying reports to the

Texas Ethics Commission.

Most of the governor’s board and commission appointments to head state agencies must be submitted and approved by

at least two-thirds of the Senate.

After the 2010 census, Texas congressional districts were redrawn in 2011 by

the legislature in a special session

Republican membership in the Texas Legislature has

constituted a majority in both chambers since 2003.

The federal court case that applied the doctrine of "one-man, one-vote" to Texas was

Kilgarlin v. Martin (1965)

The Legislative Black Caucus has been most concerned about

the 2001 hate crimes law.

In Texas, elections under single-member districts increase the probability that

black or Hispanic candidates will be elected.

The State Auditor of Texas is appointed by the

Legislative Audit Committee

Regular sessions of the Texas legislature meet for

140 days, in odd-numbered years.

Redistricting may be politically difficult for legislator primarily because it may

take away previous voter support.

The primary mission of the State Auditor’s Office is to

determine if state funds have been spent by the state agencies in accordance with law.

After a state legislator serves _______ in office, he or she becomes eligible for a pension of _______.

eight years; $23,000 per year

When Texas ratifies an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the legal form in which this is done is a

joint resolution requiring a simple majority vote in each body.

The principal agent in making public policy in Texas is the

state legislature.

The essence of representative government is having

entrusting the enactment of laws to elected legislators.

The concerns of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus in the 1990s produces

larger appropriations for state universities in South Texas.

The number of senators in the Texas legislature is


According to a 1991 state constitutional amendment, changes in compensation for members of the Texas legislature are initiated by

an Ethics Commission recommendation.

The legislature may require reports from state agencies under a procedure known as


All Texas senate seats are up for election every ten years because

Senate district lines are redrawn every 10 years.

Which of the following is not correct regarding the position of speaker of the Texas House of Representatives?

He or she is selected by direct popular vote in a general election.

The religious denominations most represented in the Texas legislature are

Roman Catholic and Southern Baptist.

The liberal response to the Conservative Caucus is the

Legislative Study Group

The Texas House of Representatives consists of ________ members.


A representative seeking help in drafting a bill would probably turn to the

Texas Legislative Council.

A member of the Texas legislature would be immune from adverse judicial action if he

slanders in a speech during a legislative proceeding

In Texas, the first legislative and congressional elections in districts determined by the 2010 census were conducted in

November of 2012

To enact a law applying to the city of Temple, the Texas legislature would pass a

local bill.

Which of the following statements is true regarding the Texas legislature?

It has Democratic and Republican caucuses that are increasingly important.

How long does the governor have following the adjournment of the legislature in which to act on bills?

Twenty calendar days

When the House and Senate pass a bill with different language in each version,

the bill will go to a House-Senate conference committee.

House- Senate conference committees normally meet during

the last 80 days of a regular session.

The U.S. Supreme Court found Reynolds v. Sims (1964) that

legislative districts of bicameral state legislatures must have equal populations.

The Texas Constitution does not have which of the following as a qualification for membership in the Texas legislature?

Educational level

The "ex officio" president of the Texas Senate also functions as the state’s

lieutenant governor.

In Texas, the second thirty days of the legislative session are mainly reserved for

standing committee action on bills.

The practice of rejecting gubernatorial appointments that are objectionable to the senator from the appointee’s home district, is called

senatorial courtesy

When compared to California legislators, those in Texas are paid a salary that is

much lower.

A bill making exception to general law for a named individual is known as a

special bill.

Turnover in the Texas legislature is most likely to be high in those

elections immediately after redistricting.

The Texas Senate has ________ to control the flow of bills from standing committees to the floor.

no calendar committees

Which of the following is not correct regarding the lieutenant governor of Texas?

He or she is first in line of succession to fill a governorship vacancy. He or she receives a constitutional salary of $46,000 per year.

A bill submitted to the senate at the same times as in the house is referred to as a

companion bill.

Rules relating to the operations of the Texas Senate would be dealt with in a

simple resolution.

At a minimum, redistricting must occur every

ten years.

IF the government of Texas was negotiating with the government of the United States on a land transfer between the state and federal government and the Texas legislature desired to express its view on the progress of the discussions, in which form would that expression take?

A concurrent resolution

The first African American elected to the Texas Senate in modern times was

Barbara Jordan

What are the stated purposes for which Texas imprisons felons?

to punish, rehabilitate and isolate offenders, and deter crime

The process by which attorneys question potential jurors is called

voir dire.

The Texas Supreme Court would not hear an appeal if the

Texas Railroad Commission was a party. case involved a school bond election. court of appeals decided the case in a manner contrary to another court of appeals.

A collection of laws relating to the same subject and presented in an organized manner is called a(n)


State district courts have civil jurisdiction in all the following instances, except

municipal ordinances.

The term plaintiff refers to the person who

initiates a civil suit.

To be a practicing attorney in the State of Texas, a lawyer must be

a member of the State Bar of Texas

In Texas, nearly all judges are chosen by a

partisan election

What is the mission of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards?

To enforce minimum health and safety requirements for county jails

The injured party in a civil case is formally referred to as the


A party to a civil case who was dissatisfied with the outcome in the trial court could next proceed to a court with

appellate jurisdiction.

a lawyer’s compensation based on a percentage of a winning lawsuit is known as a

contingency fee.

Many lawyers are rated by their fellow attorneys in the areas of legal ability and ethics in the

Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory.

The court that is responsible for formulating the rules of civil procedure is the

Texas Supreme Court.

The Texas Constitution and state law grant the government the authority to take a person’s life, property, and liberty

under appropriate circumstances.

According to statistics compiled by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, two characteristics shared by inmates in state prisons are

poor education levels and substance abuse.

Approximately one-third of all lawsuits are tried by a (an)


Implementing reforms in the method and procedure for selecting Texas judges would likely require

substantial revision of the Texas Constitution.

The minimum sentence for a capital felony is

life without parole

Texas is divided into ______ appeals court districts?


Both TDCJ and TYC collect DNA samples of all inmates convicted of a


Grand juries in Texas are composed of __________ members.


The State Bar of Texas performs all the following functions, except

rate and publish the qualifications of lawyers

Texas courts that have exclusive original jurisdiction over slander are

state district courts.

The court that requires no qualifications to be a judge is a

Justice of the Peace.

A case involving a business contract falls under which branch of law?


A panel of prospective jurors, chosen by random selection, is called a


Which one of the following courts is not mentioned in the Texas Constitution?

Municipal courts

Petit or trial juries in Texas are composed of __________ members.

either six or twelve

Qualifications for serving on a trial jury in Texas include all the following except

be able to read and write English.

Which statement regarding the appellate division of the Texas courts is incorrect?

District courts are appellate when hearing appeals of probate cases.

The validity of a contested will is decided by a

probate court.

The instrument that formally accuses a person of having committed a high felony and orders that person to trial is a(n)


The agency created to investigate complaints regarding faulty evidence in a criminal case is the

Texas Forensic Science Commission.

The most important role in disciplining judges is now played by the

Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Justices of the peace in Texas have jurisdiction over all the following, except


County jails are employed for all of the following purposes in Texas except to

confine persons who are unable to pay their civil debts.

A court that hears and decides cases tried for the first time has

original jurisdiction.

Juvenile courts are considered __________ rather than criminal courts.

civil courts

The type of case appealed directly to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is that of a

capital felony conviction with imposed death sentence.

Law made by legislative bodies is called

statutory law

The court system has the legal authority to the make the rules of civil procedure, however, these rules

often conflict with the rules of the State Bar of Texas. may not conflict with any general laws of the state. often do conflict with the general laws of the state.

Which of the following courts mainly exercises original jurisdiction?

State District Courts

Disputes concerning business contracts, divorce, family matters and personal injury involve

civil law.

Wrongful imprisonment by the state in Texas

has been shown to be a possibility

The Texas Supreme Court does all the following, except

fill vacancies in state district courts when they arise

The short-term method for relieving overcrowded court dockets in Texas is to

bring in a temporary judge or use an ADR

The duty of a coroner’s office in Texas is to

determine the cause of death in certain circumstances.

A court that has specific authority to decide a particular type of case has

exclusive jurisdiction.

An operator of an automobile repair shop cannot collect a bill of $426.42 from a customer. Where would the most convenient place be for the operator to sue to recover his money?

justice of the Peace court

The term misdemeanor refers to a

crime less serious than a felony

The State Bar of Texas has the authority to take all the following actions, except to

impeach attorneys.

Of the judges of local courts, which must be an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas?

County court at law judge.

When a case can be heard by only one court, that court is said to have

exclusive jurisdiction.

The term court of record means that the

transcript of court proceedings is made by a sternographer

Which would not be subject to enhancement under the Texas Penal Code?

A charge of two offenses in the same criminal episode

The stated purposes of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice include all the following, except to

punish law breakers.

The term alternative dispute resolution refers to

mediation and arbitration

A citizen who believes an attorney has behaved unethically while representing him or her should file a complaint with the

Commission on Judicial Conduct.

The function of small claims courts in Texas is mainly performed by

justices of the peace.

Which of the following courts lacks criminal jurisdiction?

Texas Supreme Court

In a civil jury trial in a state district court, the judge

applies the law, and the jury finds on the facts.

Indictments are prepared in grand jury proceedings if at least _________ members decide that there is enough evidence to warrant a trial.


Which scientific development has shown that some persons sentenced to death actually did not commit the crime?

DNA testing

A violation of the Arlington municipal fire code would be tried in the

Arlington municipal court

A juvenile who is arrested in Texas is most likely to be

simply counseled and then released.

The term adjudication hearing refers to __________ in juvenile law.

a trial

Rehabilitation of Texas prison inmates is most likely to be successful if the inmate

goes through the state release procedures

A system that hires employees based on their expertise and competency is called a

merit system.

Texas’s commitment to education began with which state constitution?


Because of its growing population, industry, and irrigation-based agriculture, Texas faces serious shortages of


"Red tape" contributes to the image of most bureaucracies as


On the State Board of Education, conservative members tend to be

Anglo Republicans

You are most likely to be infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) through

intimate sexual activity

The mission of the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission is to

recommend the merging, abolition, or continuation of state agencies.

The Health and Human Services Commission in Texas administers all the following except

Social Security benefits

The state-federal program that provides direct cash payments to poor children and their families is

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

How many state agencies in Texas are substantially independent from the governor?

Around 200

Decisions by local school boards and superintendents are primarily shaped by

state rules.

State agencies within Texas were created by the

Texas Constitution and Texas legislature. Texas legislature.

The state agency charged with insuring a supply of safe drinking water for colonias (predominantly Hispanic settlements along the Rio Grande) is the

Texas Water Development Board

How many community college districts are there in Texas?


Assume that you are a newly divorced, 27-year-old mother of two nondisabled children; your former husband has run off and cannot be located to make child support payments; you never graduated from high school; and you own no property. You are definitely ineligible for


The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) has constructed and maintains more than __________ miles of roads and highways.


The Texas Department of Transportation Commission

must have at least one member from a rural area.

State agencies are occasionally reorganized, merged, or abolished under a process called

sunset review.

State agencies are sometimes created as a result of

citizen complaints and outrage over an issue.

How many employees did the state of Texas have, as of 2010?


Which of the following is true regarding the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board?

It approves all new degree programs in state colleges and universities. It may order the closing of state-funded colleges or universities.

One of the most contentious issues facing the State Board of Education in recent years has been

review of textbooks.

Which policy regarding state employees is set by the legislature?

salary an compensation

The Texas Commissioner of Education gets into office as a result of an appointment by the

Texas governor, with confirmation by the Texas senate.

As a 19-year-old mother of one child, a recipient of public assistance, and a resident of Dallas County, which of the following most threatens you?

The cap on consecutive and lifetime receipt of cash public assistance benefits

Probably the most important duty of the Texas Railroad Commission from the standpoint of the rest of the United States is

regulating the production of oil and natural gas.

The Supreme Court ruling in the case of Hopwood v. Texas

prohibited the use of race in determining admission to a public university or college.

The ability of business leaders to meet directly with bureaucrats to resolve issues is called

elite access.

If a natural gas supplier disagreed with retail gas rates set by the Houston city council, the dispute would be resolved by the

texas railroad commission

Under the "rule of capture," underground water is controlled by

individual landowners.

Texas leads the nation in which renewable energy source?


In response to a shortage of highway funding, Texas has attempted to

shift to additional privately constructed toll roads.

Which statement concerning charter schools is not correct?

they receive total funding from the legislature

The ability of the Public Utilities Commission to regulate communication in Texas is somewhat limited by the

policies of the national government

The term deregulation means that

business practices are mainly governed by market forces.

The largest single employer in Texas is

the state of texas

Fragmentation of the Texas executive branch into independent agencies was done by various legislatures to

avoid the issue of power becoming too centralized.

Tourism is the __________ largest industry in the Lone Star State.


Which of the following is true regarding the Texas State Board of Education?

It sets policy for independent school districts under legislative guidelines.

The approximate number of independent school districts in Texas is


Functions of the Texas Railroad Commission would include all the following, except

breaking up railroad monopolies.

The State Board of Education has caused embarrassment across the state and with the legislature due to its

extremist and conservative ideological positions

Environmental policies in Texas are coordinated by the

Commission on Environmental Quality.

The system that replaced the merit system in Texas was a

centralized compensation and classification system.

Over the years criticism has been leveled at the Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas Attorney General for

a lack of drive in pursuing nursing home violations.

Which of the following sets human service policy in Texas for those agencies that administer such policy?

The commissioner of Health and Human Services

Ninety-five percent of public transportation in Texas is by


In Texas, education, health, and human services expenditures account for __________ of the state’s budget.

three fourths

Colleges and universities in Texas are regulated by the

higher education coordinating Board.

Which one of the following state agencies was not involved in Texas’s response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks?

sunset advisory commission

In the case of University of California v. Bakke (1978), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that __________ could be considered as one factor along with other criteria to achieve diversity in higher education.


The Lone Star Card is used by a recipient of public assistance

to obtain food items in a grocery store.

Which of the following provides a list of approved textbooks for public schools?

State Board of Education

Three factors that are important in determining a state agency’s success in achieving its policy goals are

elite access, vigor and vision of their leadership, and resources.

Electric providers in Texas are regulated by the

Public Utilities Commission.

The two ”flagship” universities in Texas are

the University of Texas and Texas A&M University.

Which is true regarding the Texas Workforce Commission?

It makes unemployment compensation payments to eligible workers.

Elimination of government restrictions and allowing free market forces to prevail is called


The purpose of the payroll tax collected by the Texas Workforce Commission is to

provide unemployment compensation

The governance of Texas community colleges is performed mainly by

local boards of trustees.

Which of the following is not considered a "tier-one" research school in Texas?

baylor university

Which of the following is not true regarding the Texas Education Agency?

It creates attendance zones for all public elementary and secondary schools in Texas. It temporarily assumes control of school districts that fall below standards.

Which insurance rates are set by the Texas commissioner of insurance?

Homeowners’ insurance

The Texas Education Agency is headed by the

commissioner of education.

Texas’s 2010 poverty rate was the __________ highest in the nation at 17.9 percent.


Acquiring a government job based on political loyalty, without regard to ability, is called

political patronage.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

enforces state and some federal air and water quality standards.

Overriding a veto has occurred only once since the administration of W. Lee O’Daniel (1939-1941). In 1979, the Texas House and Senate overrode a veto by

William Clements

Through 2005, which governor had vetoed the largest number of bills?

Rick Perry

The state’s current executive structure shows the influence of anti-Reconstruction forces that opposed the policies of

E. J. Davis

Rendering opinions on law and serving as the state’s representative in civil cases is the

Texas Attorney General. Texas Secretary of State.

The term weak executive refers to the fact that the governor

has no direct control over most of the agencies in the state government.

A direct law-enforcement power that may be exercised by the governor is

taking actual command of the Texas Rangers.

An officeholder who lacks qualifications for office may be removed through a procedure known as

quo warranto. recall.

The only Texas governor to be constitutionally removed from office was

James E. Ferguson

The constitutional qualifications for Texas governor include all the following, except being

a member of a political party.

Which of the following is not a role of the Texas Agriculture Commissioner?

Leasing public lands for mineral exploitation

A Texas governor can use "executive orders" to accomplish all the following, except

punish elected officeholders.

The governor can avoid senate confirmation of an appointee by

making a recess appointment.

The Texas Veteran’s Land Board and state veterans cemeteries fall under the office of the

Texas Land Commissioner.

Promoting consistency in accounting across state agencies is the job of the Texas

Comptroller of Public Accounts.

What distinguishes a full pardon from a conditional pardon?

A conditional pardon requires community service.

Regarding the constitutional language relating to the removal of the governor, which statement is incorrect?

A governor may be removed by legislative "address."

The strongest legislative power of the governor is his

veto authority

Which body is responsible for ensuring that the scales upon which commodities are weighed are accurate?

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Texas governor’s effectiveness relies on all the following, except his/her

formal constitutional powers.

Probably the factor that had most to do with the removal of Governor Ferguson was

his opposition to state-wide prohibition. an unsolvable conflict with the University of Texas.

Should the governor and lieutenant governor both be out of the state at the same time,

the presidents pro tempore of the Senate becomes acting governor.

The Texas governor’s power to remove an official from office includes all the following, except

all executive appointees. all elected officials. his personal staff and some agency heads.

When the governor promises not to deny funding for a legislator’s pet project, in exchange for support of a governor’s bill, it is referred to as

pork-barrel politics.

The governor may make a judicial appointment to a state court, except when the judge

fails to win re-election.

The status of the Texas governorship created by the 1876 constitution is a reaction to


The first Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction was

William Clements

By law, gubernatorial appointees to a compensated office must

be confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Texas Senate.

An official public announcement that can be used by the governor is called

a proclamation

The term "plural executive" refers to the fact that in Texas

most top executive officials are elected.

Several of Texas’s political traditions and institutions stem from the state’s experiences after the Civil War,

an era known as Reconstruction.

The governor of Texas is constitutionally allowed to serve

unlimited terms

A Texas governor who lacks significant constitutional powers must rely on

a combination of all the above.

The comptroller of public accounts is constitutionally required to

certify all spending bills passed by the legislature.

Who in Texas government is the receiver and custodian of the state’s revenue?

Comptroller of public accounts

Unlike the President, the Texas governor may influence state spending by use of their

line-item veto.

When the governor consults with a senator from an appointee’s home district to obtain support for a nomination, the governor is respecting the tradition of

senatorial courtesy.

Which of the following executives is not appointed by the governor?

Texas Attorney General

If a member of the Texas Transportation Commission has a question concerning the legal responsibilities of his or her office, to whom would he or she turn for advice?

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts The Texas Attorney General

Which of the following is not a role of the Texas Land Commissioner?

Administering the state’s severance taxes.

If an oil company wants to drill on public land, from whom would it secure the drilling lease?

Commissioner of the General Land Office

The governor, and other top elected officials in Texas are elected

in "off-year" (non-presidential) elections.

Administering the state’s tax system, and acting as its treasurer is the job of the Texas

Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Those officials who are in the line of succession to the governorship include the

lieutenant governor, president pro tempore of the Senate, Speaker of the House, attorney general, chief justices of the fourteen courts of appeals.

Failure of the Senate to confirm a gubernatorial recess appointment prevents the governor from

reappointing that person to the same position

Limitations to the governor’s appointment powers includes all the following, except

a lack of recess appointment power.

Which of the following officials primarily serves legislative functions?

Lieutenant Governor

In matters of law, the governor of Texas may independently

grant one 30-day stay of execution of a death sentence.

The governor’s only significant constitutional budget power is

vetoing all or part of the biennial legislative appropriations act.

The state official for elections and voter registration is the

Secretary of State.

The governor of Texas may be removed from office through a procedure known as


The Texas governor’s power over judges extends to

filling vacancies arising in state district and appellate courts.

Prior to assuming office, all of the governor’s appointments must constitutionally

be confirmed by the Texas Senate

In Texas, the primary responsibility for enforcing the law rests with the

municipal police and county sheriff’s departments.

The governor’s success in dealing with lobbyists, legislators, and the media depends primarily on

input and support staff

The governor’s "military power" extends to all the following organizations, except the

Texas Maritime Commission.

In political terms, the principal function of the governor’s staff is to

protect their boss from adverse situations

Which is a true statement regarding the Texas governor’s removal power?

It is limited to the governor’s own agency board appointees.

The size of the Texas governor’s staff has recently

been shrunk by Governor Perry to 266 persons.

The governor of Texas, in his role as "commander-in-chief" may use forces of the Texas National Guard and State Guard to do all the following, except

deploy military forces overseas.

The governor’s legislative powers include all the following, except

appointing the chairs of legislative committees.

The governor may not make a vacancy appointment to which position?

Member of the Texas legislature

The __________ appoints the Public Safety Commission’s five members, subject to Senate approval.

Governor of Texas

In legislative matters, the governor of Texas

has absolute veto power once the legislature has adjourned.

Should the governorship of Texas become vacant (through death, resignation, or removal), the official first in line to succeed to the position would be the

Lieutenant governor.

Should a hurricane strike Texas, causing loss of life, property damage, and a breakdown of public order, what would be the governor’s most likely immediate response?

Call up the National Guard to restore civil authority and assist with the cleanup.

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