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Which statement below is NOT an example of ethnocentrism?

American Workers get higher pay for less work than most people in the world…. (the belief that your own group or culture is superior to other groups or cultures)

"FunGals" is an unfortunate employment of what rhetorical device?


The term that refers to the arrangement of words is


In reference to chromatics, relaxed people might______. whereas task-oriented people __________.

Arrive and leave late, arrive and leave on time or early

"I will oppose any effort to build a nuclear waste suppository in this state." This is an example of what rhetorical device?


Semantics can be defined as the

Science of meaning in language

"The ability to alter behavior in order to adapt to new situations in new way when necessary" is a definition of

Behavioral Flexibility

Individualistic cultures tend to be _____ cultures

What is the study of the origin of language called?


The SMCRE model of communication identifies

pg 8

What type of information includes general audiences characteristics such as age, gender, and education?


Which statement about clothing and the perceptions of others is NOT verified by research?

Clothing and artifacts are unrelated to how acceptable we find other people to be

Kelly is listening to her friend, Sheri, talk about her boyfriend who is leaving for 1 year to serve in the army. Kelly says "mmm-hmm" during the conversation to show Sheri that she is listening. She is communicating using:

Paralinguistics …

The concept that suggests that your roommate is more likely to become your friend that a person ten blocks away is known as


Who is more likely to use touch as a means of communicating?

The same reptile known as a river turtle in Illinois is a cooter in Florida. This language phenomenon is classifies as

He is good at writing and understanding literature, she is a whiz at math and statistics; together they make a great pair. The concept of friendship illustrated here is


Which of the following remarks a metaphor?

Coffee is a jump start for the brain

Paralinguistic cues can indicate all of the following except


Which of the following items uses onomatopoeia?

The antacids hit the water: plop,plop,fizz,fizz

The Frye Standard refers to

Which of the following is FALSE regarding our need for intercultural communication?

When "Bill O’Riley" asked "Dr. Susan Van Etten" if she had ever been asked to Alaska, he engaged in a(n)

Which of the following is the best example of an advertising slogan designed to appeal to the self-actulization need?

Be all that you can be

After arriving in the US to begin work on his masters degree in business, Shoko found that the best way for her to fit into her new surroundings was to begin dressing like her fellow classmates and developing interests that were similar to theirs. Which type of goal is Shoko attempting with this behavior as a member of a marginalized group?

"Smoking among teenagers is increasing. Teenagers are also more involved in crimes than they used to be. We need to ban the sale of cigarettes to kids under 18 before our our cities turn into violent war zones." This is an example of what type of fallacy?

Post Hoc

Asked to support his assertion that a particular team will not win the championship, a sports commentator says, "They won’t win because they won’t be able to put enough points on the board." This is an example of what type of fallacy?

Begging the Question

"Who once said, in a celebration of English royalty, "Give three cheers for our queer old dean?"

The Rev. William Spooner

An extrovert being friends with an introvert demonstrated what the of relationship?

France is an example of a(n) _________ culture

Uncertainty-Rejecting (138)

"It is a mistake to allow assisted suicide. That will just open the door to forced extermination of anyone society feels is too old or too sick." This is an example of what type of fallacy?

Assif Mandvi’s imitation of an American answering a call for "tech support" was an example of


When Lisa is out at a restaurant or Cafe with her friends she is very informal. At work, Lisa is a completely different person. She dresses and acts professionally. What type of behavior is this?


The skit shown in class about two men applying for a job illustrated the concept of


According to the SMCRE model of communication, which of the following best describes the environment of a speaking occasion? pg 8

The situation or contest in which a speech takes place

The Amish in the US use the ______ in order to protect their way of life.

Separation Goal

According to the Hiscock-Anisman, an honest person

In the videos shown in class during the lectures on nonverbal communication, Donna’s movement in relation to Eric and Chrissy’s movement in relation to Mike illustrate the concept of

When a speaker says, "Imma show you all of the things you need to buy" ….

poor articulation

Which of the following is an inference?

The road appears dangerous

Mr. Young I studies my notes for 18 hours before taking this exam and all I got was a C. I deserve a higher grade. This argument fails the standard of what?


When you analyze the speaker in a situation to make judgements about the message presented you are engaging in ______

Critical Thinking

Which of the following countries would most likely use M time?


Which part of the listening process is responsible for interpreting and assigning meaning to stimuli?

Working memory

Perceptual checking is a skill that?

Understand another person and his or her message more accurately

The idea that our past experiences lead us to see the world in a particular way that is difficult to change is called

Perceptual Consistency

A woman shaded her eyes with her open hand on her brow and said "wow it is ever bright out here" The nonverbal cue here is a(n)


Assif Mandvi’s immitation for an american answering a call for "tech support" was an example of

attribution error…

Of those polled, 55% indicated that they certainly would buy a gun, another 20% said they would strongly consider it. Clearly gun ownership is a right that needs to be protected This is an example of what type of fallacy?

ad populum

Of course we cannot take Sen. Smith’s objections to affirm action his womanizing is well known. This is an example of which type of fallacy?

Ad hominem

In the middle east, traditional arab woman knows of the rules of her culture is that she is to walk a few paces behind her husband. What type of culture is this?

implicit rule

Which of the following is false regarding our need for intercultural communication

increases in technology are reducing the need for skills to communications inter culturally with others

When other members of a group admire and respect a person, that person has

referent power

Which of the following would not be considered a leader according to definitions presented in the text?

One member persuading to sabotage a group goal

The UCLA basketball coach John Wooden was able to motivate his players because of his charisma and the high level of respect his players held him in. What type of power does this illustrate?

Referent Power (charisma)

Did thePresident of the US really have the flu or was is just a serious malady? This is a question of


Acme inc has a mission statement that is open to interpretation. Many steak holders identify with it. Their mission statement is:


A non-profit hospital is what type of organization?

pattern maintenance

Messages between organizational members of the same power level are best described as


Based on what you have seen on the class and read in the textbook, which of the following is an example of autocratic leadership?

Bertram Cooper …..

Don Draper holds ________ over Conrad Hilton

Expert Power

Which of the following statements regarding gender and group interaction is true?

Women formal speeches

Which of the roles described is more of an informal role than a formal role?

"ticketmaster" (Informal – reflect personality traits)

Which of the following statement about emotional labor is not true?

decrease turnover

When situation invites an emergent leader?

The company has just announced impending personnel reductions, and a small group of recently hired employees have gathered to discuss strategy.

Group problem solving is usually more efficient when

the process is systematic and organized

According to the tb, conditions in the workplace that are sexually offensive or intimidating are known as:


Which of the following is most likely an example of a primary group?

Women Playing Cards

all of the following are fulfilled by primary groups except


Which of the following groups may be classified as a secondary group?

SGA committee

Which of the following is an implicit characteristic of a group?

Personal Artifacts

Corridor Culture


The army is which type of organization


The ways in which groups of ppl both maintain structure and order through their symbolic interactions refers to

organizational communication

Angela tells Richard that he will not receive a raise unless he gives her a massage. This is what type of sexual harassment?

quid pro quo

All of the following are reasons listed in your tb why you should study in small groups except

it is more fun to do things with a group rather than an individual

The statement, " I don’t care; whatever you want is fine with me" is an example of what type of leader

Laissez-faire leader

During the interview for a waitress job, Mr. Mitchell (the interviewee) if she married or has any children. This is a violation of

Bona fide occupational qulaifications

Which of the following statements about emotional labor is NOT true?

Emotional labor can decrease turnover

Richard Nixon’s "Checkers" speech is famous for employing what logical fallacy?

Red Herring

"I say the Democratic Party Leadership conspired to keep details of the foley scandal quiet until right before the November election. Can you prove that they didn’t ? " This is an example of what type of fallacy?

Ad Ignorantiam

Which of the following is NOT included in the study of proxemics?


Informal Communication consists of all of the following EXCEPT:

Downward Communication

Which of the following statements regarding gender and group interaction is true?

Women Prefer more formal speeches

A conflict management style involves negotiation is also known as


Research by Ericson and Gardner found what percent of high apprehension college students fail to graduate


When Jerry gives Elaine a TV guide to read on the subway ride home, its an example of _____ behavior

compliance gaining

According to William Schultz, three interpersonal needs that are satisfied through interaction with others are

inclusion, affection, and control

A non- profit hospital is what type of organization?

Economic Production

All of following are needs fulfilled by primary groups EXCEPT


Which of the following is NOT an example of a group norm ?

The leader has a very large vocalualary so se practically needs an interpreter for others to understand

Messages between organizational members of the same power level are described as:


Commonly known as the "bandwagon" appeal …..

Ad Populum

Which of the following would be a good example of self-disclosure

Parents were originally from Mississippi

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." This is known as

Hanlon’s Razor

Which of the following is an implicit characteristic …

cognitive paradine

The concept of common ground in public speaking is most closely elated to which detention of source of credibility ?

co orientation

According to Mr. Young, too many speeches make the mistake of

beginning before the beginning

Andrew Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans took place during which era ?

Print Era

Which of the following BEST describes the appropriate steps for developing content of an effective speech

analyze the audience and occasion then plan and organize your message.

Which of the following best typifies the meaning of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis ?

Your language shapes your perception…

Which of the following is NOT a strategy for improving intercultural communication?

Adopt an ethocentric persepective

Which of the following is a good example of a complimentary relationship ?

She is shy, and he likes to speak for the both of them

The preferred way to avoid ethnocentric perspective is to

assume that other individuals would prefer to think and act as you do

Neil Armstrong piloting the "eagle" to a safe touchdown is a good example of

high cognitive efficiency

The sleeper effect means that the

The speech hd a delayed message impact because of separation of speaker from message over time

Which of the following is NOT a function of a speech introduction ?

To forecast the development and organization of the speech

Which testimonial evidence best meets the criteria for evaluating such evidence?

A cafeteria worker, a student, testifies about conditions in the cafeteria kitchen

Statements by someone with special knowledge on a given subject is known as

Expert Testimony

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln took place during which era?

If you obtained information for your speech from several websites and failed to cite how much information came from those sources, you are engaging in

incremental plagerism

Megan is giving persuasive speech on patronizing local clothing outlets rather than going to the mall…


Which of the following statements concerning source credibility is consistent with the TB ?

Surce credibility is an attitude perception that must be established every time a person gives speech to an aoudience

Which of the following is NOT a criteria for evaluating sources of information ?

is the supporting material personal

In which of the following surveys should you place the most trust?

A university study by known sociologists that concludes welfare payments are insufficient

The definition of dynamism is that speaker is perceived as

Bold, energetic, active, and assertive

Which of the following is not reflected in the respect credibility


70 year old women

elaboration likelihood model

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