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Which memory technology that is no longer used has a 32-bit data bus, 232 pins and requires a placeholder in empty slots?


What should you install in a server room that will save space by allowing you to control multiple servers with a single mouse, keyboard, and monitor?

a KVM switch

A KVM switch allows you to use one monitor, mouse, and keyboard for multiple computers.


With __________________, you can connect and disconnect a drive while the system is running.

hot swapping

Which type of expansion slot uses a retention mechanism to help stabilize a heavy card?


Which type of removable storage media can provide up to 2 TB of storage?


What do you need to do for Device Manager to display nonpresent devices?

create and set an environment variable

Which of the following is NOT a component of a processor?

device driver

Which of the following might be the cause of a black screen right after you install a new video card?

the onboard video is not disabled in BIOS

Which of the following is true about installing a processor on a motherboard?

after placing the processor in the socket, you need to lock down the lever

The top and bottom of each disk in a magnetic hard drive have a _______________ that moves across the disk surface.

read write head

What are two important facts about USB connections?

a motherboard can support up to four EIDE devices

The speed at which the processor operates internally is called the processor ____________.


Why is DMA a better transfer mode than PIO for PATA drives?

DMA data transfer don’t involve the CPU

Which slot type would you install a video card in to get the best performance?

PCI – e

Which of the following is true about disk drive interfaces?

PATA allows for two connectors on a motherboard

What are the four possible configurations for a drive that is installed in a system with four EIDE devices?

Secondary IDE channel, slave device

What happens when a flash memory card is installed in a slot and it is recognized by Windows?

a drive letter is assigned to the device and you can see it in Explorer

Which type of memory can support quad, triple, and dual channels?


Multiple processors can be installed in a single processor housing.


How is data stored on magnetic tape?


A ________________ device inputs data about a person which might include fingerprints and voice.


Which of the following best describes RAID 5?

it requires 3 or more drives and uses parity checking

Which of the following memory configurations definitely will not work when populating a motherboard with DIMMs?

mixing unbuffered with registered

_______________ wireless communication technology requires an unobstructed line of sight between transmitter and receiver


DIMMs used in servers can provide additional reliability if they use which of the following technologies?


Which of the following is true about DIMM technologies?

SDRAM runs synchronized with the system clock

The 2.5" size hard drive is typically used in devices such as MP3 players.


A DIMM that holds data and amplifies a signal before the data is written to the module uses which technology?


A ________________ disc can hold data in two layers on each side, for a total of four layers on one disc.


If you are adding a hard drive to a system that already has a drive with Windows installed on it, which of the following is true?

boot Windows and use Disk Management to prepare the new drive

If a driver update creates a problem, you can __________________ the driver update if the previous drivers were working.

roll back

Which Intel processor technology interconnects the processor, chipset, and wireless network adapter as a unit, improving laptop performance?


Which of the following is true about DIMM slots?

color coding is used to identify the channel

_________________________ is the ability of a processor to execute two instructions at the same time.


What technology in a DIMM informs the BIOS of the module’s size, speed, voltage, and data path width?


After you install a processor, you should check the _____________ to verify that the system recognized the processor correctly.

BIOS setup

Which monitor characteristic is the distance between adjacent dots on the screen?

pixel pitch

DDR memory is faster than GDDR memory since it is used by the CPU.


Which type of monitor withstands a lot of handling, use mercury, and take up the most desk space?

cathode-ray tube

Which type of video port provides a digital-only signal?


Which of the following is true about the USB standard and devices?

a USB cable has four wires, two for power and two for communication

Which of the following is a basic principle that applies to both internal and external devices?

for most installations, install the device first, then the device driver

Every installed device requires a device driver to control the device.


What happens when a problem occurs while Windows 7 is installing a device?

the Action Center is launched

To reduce the amount of electrical ___________ on a SCSI cable, each end of the SCSI chain has a terminating resistor.


The __________________ family of AMD processors has processors that run up to 3.2 GHz, have up to 6 cores, and use the AM3 socket.


Why might you want to use a RAID 0 disk configuration?

to improve overall disk performance

A _____________________ has no moving parts and is built using nonvolatile memory, which is similar to that used for USB flash drives.


Which interface is not typically used for an internal tape drive?


What is the transfer rate of a 64-bit module running at 1600 MHz?

12800 MB/ second

Which type of memory is the main memory installed as DIMMs on a motherboard?


The 80-conductor IDE cable has 80 pins and 40 wires.


What is the general name of the processor feature that AMD calls HyperTransport?


What does a twist in a 34-pin data cable mean?

it indicates drive A:

What is the most likely result of a correctly installed processor, but an incorrectly installed cooler?

boot process begins, but system suddenly turns off after a short period

Which of the following is true about SCSI drives?

SCSI ID 7 has a higher priority than SCSI ID 10

How much data does a 3.5" floppy disk drive hold?

1.44 MB

Each IDE header on a motherboard can support up to two IDE devices.


What should you keep in mind when installing hard drives?

a PATA drive has master and slave settings

Which type of processor memory is located on the processor chip (processor die)?

Level 1 cache

Which of the following statements is NOT true when setting up dual channeling?

if you have two pairs installed in two channels, all four DIMMs must match

Which type of cable is required by ATA/66 and above?

40 pins, 80 wires

What icon might you see in Device Manager that indicates a problem with a device?

Yellow Triangle

When installing a processor, you must line up the red circle on the processor with the right-angle mark on the motherboard.


Which of the following is true about hardware RAID?

RAID controllers have their own BIOS

If a problem occurs while Windows 7 is installing a device, it automatically launches the ________________________.

Action Center

The read/write head on a magnetic hard drive is at both the top and bottom of each disk.


What unit of measurement is used for DIMM read and write times?


Which of the following is a requirement for supporting the Aero user interface?

DirectX 9 or higher

Which process writes sector markings to a hard drive?

low-level formatting

___________________ access makes recovering files slow and inconvenient when using tape drives.


Which of the following is true about the FireWire standard and devices?

FireWire devices are hot-swappable

The official standard for USB interfaces is called IEEE 1394.


Which SATA standard provides a transfer rate of 3 Gb/sec?


Which file system is used by large-capacity USB and memory cards?


Which of the following is NOT true about hard disk drives?

sold state drives are less expensive than magnetic hard drives

What is the purpose of the LightScribe technology?

labels can be burned on the top of a disc

Which of the following describes USB 2.0?

480 Mbps, cable length up to 5 meters

A 32-bit driver can be used in a 64-bit operating system.


After installing the processor, if the system begins the boot process and suddenly turns off before completing the boot, the processor is most likely overheating.


CAS _____________ measures memory access timing.


Which of the following is NOT a necessary precaution when installing memory modules?

test the motherboard for residual electrical charges

Which of the following is NOT a feature of a processor?

amount of CMOS

Today’s DIMMs use a 64-bit data path.


Which of the following is true about selecting a hard drive?

magnetic drives have larger capacity for the money than solid state drives

Which of the following is true about installing a new device?

a mouse may not require an additional device driver installation

If you connect the floppy cable in the wrong direction, the floppy drive light stays on continuously.


Why would you use a round PATA ribbon cable instead of traditional flat cable?

round cables obstruct air flow less inside the case

The two major manufacturers of processors are Intel and NVIDIA.


Which hard drive technology is used to predict when a drive is likely to fail?


If you are adding a hard drive to a system that already has a drive with Windows installed on it, which of the following is true?

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