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The ____ category of Excel functions retrieves data from multidimensional databases involving online analytical processing


The ____ category of Excel functions returns (true-false) values


Which of the following is a Statistical function?


Which of the following is a Math & Trig function? ____


=ROUND(AVERAGE(A1:A100),2) is an example of a(n) ____ function


After you describe a function in the Search for a function box in the Insert Function dialog box, click ____.


The numbers, text, or cell references used by the function to return a value are called ____.

fill handle

Referring to the figure above, the last entry shown in Column K is 644.7953813. There is a black "plus sign" on the lower right edge of the cell that is the

auto fill options button

Referring to the figure above, the last entry shown in Column K is 644.7953813. There is an icon in the cell underneath the 644.7953813 which is the ____.


Referring to the figure above, which number represents the COUNT function?


Referring to the figure above, which number refers difference between the scheduled and attended workouts


Which of the following is not a comparison operator? __

the formula returns the text "restart"

In the following formula: =IF(A1="YES", "DONE", "RESTART"), what happens if A1= "NO"?


Which of the following is not a date function? __


The ____ function returns the maximum value in the range


One of the great advantages of ____ references is that you can quickly generate row and column totals without having to worry about revising the formulas as you copy them to new locations.


Absolute references are marked with a ____.

does not change

When you copy a formula that contains an absolute reference to a new location, the reference ____.


Use ____ references when you want different formulas to refer to the same cell.


Another name for the middle value is the ____ value.


____ arguments may provide more control over the returned value.

the general syntax of all functions

FUNCTION(argument1, argument2, …) is ___


If an optional argument is not included, Excel assumes a(n) ____ value for it.


Excel functions are organized into ____ categories.


Which of the following is not an Excel function category? ___


Which function counts how many cells in a range contain numbers, where value1, value2, and so forth are text, numbers, or cell references?

cell references

In "SUM(number1 [, number2, number3, …])", number 1, number 2, and number 3 may be numbers or ____.


Which category of Excel functions returns information about the format, location, or contents of worksheet cells? ____

the average of the values A1:A100 is calculated

In the formula =INT(AVERAGE(A1:A100)), which would occur first? ___

the same number of left and right parentheses

When you nest functions, you should have ____

function library

The Insert Function button is in the ____ group.


The Insert Function dialog box has a(n) ____ option.

content in formats

The fill handle copies ____


Using the AutoFill Options button, the Fill Without Formatting option copies the ____ but not the formatting.

february, march, april

Using AutoFill, what would be the extended series of the initial entry Jan?

true or false

A logical function is a function that works with values that are either ____.

A does not equal B

In the formula =IF(A1=B1, C1, C2), the result will be C2 if ____.


____ references are seldom used other than when creating tables of calculated values such as a multiplication table in which the values of the formula or function can be found in the initial rows and columns of the table.

a blank cell

=IF(G22= "x ", SUM(H22:J22), " ") with display ______ if G22 is not equal to "x".

look up

______ functions find values in tables of data and insert them in another location in the worksheet such as cells or in formulas.


If the VLOOKUP function cannot find the lookup value, the _________ error value is displayed in the cell.

what if analysis

One way to perform a _________ is by changing one or more of the input values to see how they affect the calculated results.

type january in cell A1 and then drag the fill handle

Ellen opens Excel 2013 and enters her monthly income for one year beginning with January. To create a series of months, she can ____.

absolute reference

Ellen has entered all of her monthly expenses. She needs to create a formula that will deduct her monthly expenses from her monthly income. Since her monthly income is the same amount each month, she uses a(n)____ to identify the cell containing the income value.

math and trig button in the function library group

Ellen’s spending varies from month to month. She wants to calculate the total expenses for each month. She wants to see all of the arguments associated with the SUM function so she clicks the ____ then clicks SUM to open the Function Arguments dialog box.

select the range A10:L10, click the quick analysis button, click TOTALS, then click median

Ellen wants to find out what her median monthly spending is. The monthly totals for her spending appear in the range A10:L10. Which of the following is NOT a way to enter the MEDIAN function into her database?


Ellen is expecting to get a 3% raise next year. She enters .03 in cell D2 so that she can predict her monthly income for the next year. What function key will make D2 an absolute reference?

look up function

Susan designs a worksheet with the inventory number, description, quantity, unit cost, reorder point and value. To find values in tables of data, and insert them in another location in the worksheet such as cells or in formulas, she will use ________.


Susan needs to use a lookup function to find an exact match of an inventory item, so she will set the range_lookup value to _______ .


Susan uses VLOOKUP to retrieve the return value from a vertical lookup table. When she enters the VLOOKUP function, specifying the lookup value and other criteria, the lookup value cannot be found. It displays ______ error value in the cell

what if analysis

Susan wants to make some changes to the worksheet to explore the impact that changing input values has on the calculated values in the worksheet. She can use ______.

goal seek

Susan wants to automate the trial-and-error process by allowing her to specify a value for a calculated item, which Excel uses to determine the input value needed to reach that goal. She can use ______.

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