chapters 9 and 11.

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What were the factors that started the European expansion?

Spread religion (crusading mentality), search for an alternate trade route to Indies, to have powerful nation states, ship/sail design and navigation equipment, and the Renaissance-individualism, optimism, and a sense of adventure.

The Spanish troops led by Cortés were most critical of the Aztec…?

Kinship systems.

What were the characteristics of the religious rites of the Maya and Aztecs?

Human sacrifice.

After 1453, the safety of overland caravans to the East was threatened by?

Ottoman Turks.

Which country sent a large fleet across the Indian Ocean at the beginning of the fifteenth century?


The bronze head of the oba of Benin is a landmark that:

Illustrates the African mastery of casting metal.

In African cultural history, the griot was a?

A musician, a sage, and a unifier.

In African tradition, kinship extended to?

Living, dead, and the unborn.

How and when did the slave trade start? What countries first participated?

Sixteenth century and the Atlantic slave trade was forged in the crucible of Europe’s Commercial Revolution. England, Spain, and Portugal.

What are some distinctive features of African music?

Polyrhythm, background shimmer, call and response, mainly percussion, close connection between music and language, participatory nature of the arts, close connection between performing art, improvs, ostinato.

The literary landmark and notable epic of ancient Mali is entitled?


What does the work "pueblo" mean?

American Indian settlement.

What was the earliest African kingdom?


The thirteenth-century merchant whose sojourn at the court of Mongol China was recorded in Il Milione was?

Marco Polo.

What does the name Sudan mean?

First African state, Northeast Africa, Arab Republic.

The word "caravel" refers to a?

Small, fast Spanish ship.

Which city was the greatest of the early West African trading centers and the seat of a Muslim university?


Before the fifteenth-century, the West African elite was most heavily influenced by?


The word "kiva" refers to a?

Underground religious chamber.

"Animism" is best described as the belief that?

Belief that all things human and non-human have souls.

The only indigenous people of the Americas known to have produced a written language were the?


The earliest of the Meso-American societies was the?

The Olmec.

The dominant element in African music is?

Polyrhythmic structure.

What are the three parts of a traditional sonata?

Recapitulation, exposition, and development.

What does the title of Francis Bacon’s Novum Organum mean?

New method.

The fusion of art and politics that exalted the ideal of service and sacrifice to one’s country is exemplified by which landmark?

David’s The Oath of the Horatii.

The works of Boucher and Watteau reflect what style?


Which figure famously recanted his scientific theories in 1633 after having been put on trial for heresy?


What did Diderot’s Encyclopedia do?

Brought together all the current Enlightened thinking about science, art, government and more.

One reason that both Protestants and Catholics opposed the heliocentric theory was that it?

Contradicted scripture.

The predominant themes of Rococo paintings were?

The pursuit of pleasure.

What caused the French Revolution? What happened in France after the Revolution?

Class inequality and serious financial crisis brought about by some 500 years of costly wars and royal extravagance.

What were some main themes in the writings of John Locke?

Power must remain within the people and not the ruler and that humans have the right to life, liberty, and estate.

Francis Bacon called the false dogmas or teachings that hindered clear thinking?


Who are the painters of the Rococo style?

Antoine Watteau, Francois Boucher, and Jean-Honore Fragonard.

The philosophic optimism of Enlightenment figures was satirized in Candide and other writings by?


Genre painting depicts scenes of?

Everyday life.

Who were the significant figures of the Scientific Revolution?

Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Descartes, and Bacon.

Neoclassical art and classical music share an emphasis on?

Symmetry, order, and formal restraint.

Who is considered the "father of the symphony"?


Mozart drew many of the melodies for his symphonies and compositions from?

Popular dance tunes.

Henry Fielding and Samuel Richardson were both noted eighteenth-century writers of which new literary form?


Ingres’ Grande Odalisque deviated from the principles of Classical art by?

Disproportionately elongated the body of the female.

The belief in a mechanistic universe fashioned by a Creator God who does not directly intervene in its affairs is called?


Descartes’ proposition, "I think, therefore I am," demonstrated?

Premise he could not doubt.

The French salon, center of intellectual debate, was often organized by?


In his Novum Organum, Bacon objected to?

Superstition and technology.

"Whatever is, is right" reflects the philosophic optimism of?


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