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The formal document of a party’s philosophy, principles and positions on issues is called a


The type of political party system we have developed in the United States can best be described as

two-party system

An individual’s psychological ties to one political party or another is known as their

Party identification

The situation that exists when Congress is controlled by one party and the presidency by the other is called

divided government

Party leaders will often play the role of _____ by identifying a problem as a political issue and bringing a policy proposal to the political agenda.

policy entrepreneur

Political scientists’ view that a function of a party is to offer a clear choice to voters by establishing priorities or policy stances that differ from those of rival parties is called the

responsible party model

_____ are non-profit issue advocacy groups that can receive and spend unlimited funds to influence the nomination, election, or defeat of candidates.

527 committees

Partisans who contribute time, energy,and effort to support their party and its candidates are called

party activists

The _____ shows a distinctive difference between women and men in their pattern of voting behavior.

gender gap

A significant decline in party allegiances or electoral support among a large percentage of the of the overall population is called


National elections are held in the United States on the first Tuesday of November __________
Correct Answer

every two years

The primary responsibility for conducting public elections rests with

state and local governments

During midterm elections, voters are selecting

members of Congress

An election held to select a political party’s candidate for the general election is called a

primary election

To participate in _____, a voter must be registered with a party prior to voting in that party’s election.

A closed primary

Party activists who are elected to vote at a party’s national convention are called


A majority system, which is used on a limited basis in the United States, requires that a candidate must win ______ to win an election.

50 percent plus one of all votes cast

If the winner of an election is whoever receives the most votes, regardless of the percentage of votes received, the candidates are running under a

plurality system

The "incumbent" can be defined as

the current officeholder, running for re-election

What did the justices on the Supreme Court of the United States mean by the principle "one person, one vote"?

Within a state, electoral districts must have roughly equal populations

The idea that all interests are and should be free to compete for influence in the government to produce public policy that is a product of moderation and compromise is called

pluralist theory

Groups of like-minded individuals who organize to influence the government’s programs and policies are called

interest groups

According to the text, a group that claims they serve the general good rather than only their own particular interests is known as

a citizen group

The phenomenon of someone deriving benefit from others’ actions without trying to acquire those benefits themselves is called

The free rider problem

The fluid web of connections among those concerned about a policy (i.e. activists and interest groups) and those who create and administer the policy (i.e. elected leaders and public officials) is called

an issue network

The practice of using public outreach to build a favorable public opinion of the organization is called

institutional advertising

A private group that raises and distributes funds for use in election campaigns is called a

a political action committee

The motivation to join an interest group based on the friendships, networking, and "consciousness raising" these groups provide is called

solidary benefits

An interest group where the members of the group play a substantial role in organizing and conducting most of the groups activities is called a

membership association

A strategy by which organized interests seek to influence the passage of legislation by exerting direct pressure on government officials is called


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