Chapter 9.8 Digital Content Management

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What is the technology that protects the intellectual property rights of publishers and restricts the use of copyrighted works to those who have paid the necessary licensing fees?


Your organization has 20 employees who need an accounting software update installed. Due to a miscommunication, the purchaser only paid to update 10 licenses. The software company issued a "paper license" and a single key for updating 10 users. Since this is an enterprise paper license there is no mechanism that enforces a limit to the number of times the key can be used so you decide to go ahead and update all 20 users.

You risk losing your job. You expose you company to litigation by violating the software license agreement.

One software license model allows software to be freely distributed, downloaded, and installed without paying a license fee, but often requires a fee for support, training, or added functionality.

What is the name of this model?

Open Source

Which of the following is true of online software activation?

With personal software licenses, the limit usually 1-3 online activations. Before running newly installed application, the user must active their license online on the software vendor’s website. Persistent activation may require the license to be continuously re-activated online at a preconfigured interval.

Which of the following is true of the way many large digital media vendors are using Digital Rights Management technology?

They are adopting alternatives to DRM such as encouraging customers to not illegally share digital files. They are moving away from DRM because of several key shortcomings in the technology.

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