chapter 7 history 1301

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As a result of the War of 1812, President Madison embraced nationalism and broad construction of the Constitution, thus moving close to the old Federalist position.


As it happened after the Treaty of Ghent, the Battle of New Orleans had no effect on the war or the postwar settlement.


At the "Hartford Convention" delegates from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, ______, and Vermont proposed constitutional amendments meant to limit Republican influence in Congress.

New Hampshire

By 1840, most Americans lived west of the Appalachian Mountains.


For Americans, the most humiliating aspect of the War of 1812 involved

the burning of the national capital.

From the point of view of the United States, all but which of the following were positive results of the War of 1812?

the favorable settlement of most issues that caused the war

In Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court established its power to declare a law unconstitutional.


In a duel, Aaron Burr killed

Alexander Hamilton

In the War of 1812, the United States struck effectively at the British

In Canada

In their contest with the Federalists, Republicans generally supported

reason, liberty, and France.

Jefferson’s embargo

was repealed before Madison took office.

Jefferson’s solution to the harassment of U.S. ships by European powers was to cut off trade with all of them.


Jeffersonian reforms included cutbacks in the army and the navy.


John Randolph and the "Old Republicans" favored a strong federal government.


Lewis and Clark explored the source of the Mississippi River.


One effect of the "Hartford Convention" was

the death of the Federalist party.

Support for the War of 1812 came primarily from the South and West rather than from the trading areas of New York and New England. This was because of

protection given by British Canada to Indian enemies of the United States who had fled there for protection.

The "revolution of 1800" refers more to the orderly transfer of power from the Federalists to the Republicans than to a massive change to the political system.


The Battle of Tippecanoe ended Tecumseh’s dream of a strong Indian confederacy to the west of the Mississippi.


The Embargo Act of 1807 helped revive the Federalist party.


The Louisiana Purchase accomplished all of the following except it

removed Spain from North America.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Marbury v. Madison

established that the Supreme Court had the right of judicial review.

The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution involved

presidential elections.

The United States never paid any tribute to the Barbary pirates.


The act that outlawed the international slave trade was passed during Jefferson’s administration.


The election of Jefferson in 1800 signaled

a more democratic political system.

The greatest single achievement of Jefferson’s presidency was the

Louisiana Purchase.

The strongest support of the War of 1812 came from the "war hawks" of New England.


Thomas Jefferson was the first president inaugurated in Washington, D.C.


When Congress outlawed the international slave trade,

only one state, South Carolina, still allowed the importation of slaves.

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